Mother Earth Wedding Dress from Adele Wechsler bridal collection

By | May 24, 2012

Stay fashionably fabulous while having a true act from the statement loves the mother earth, is definitely come from Adele Wechsler bridal collection. All the dresses showing how eco-friencly fabrics and material meet the glamourousity of a wedding gown. With the romantic atmosphere on the dresses which combained with environmentally-friendly textured silk/hemp blend and incorporate with chiffon also cotton eyelet fabric, the dress take a huge spot on 2012 at New York Bridal Fashion Week.


adele wechsler bridal collection


The designer said that Adele Wechsler bridal collaction was basicly inspired by a desire to create a bride character who  intermeshed with the effort to express many different image, from romance and glamour with the bride’s dedication to the environment issues about how to keep mother earth spirit even in the such bigand important day. Overall response from the public and fashion editors said that the Adele Wechsler bridal collection was describing about the earthy style with textured hemp and silk blend which combained with the feminine cotton.


adele wechsler collection no.1 bridal dress fran

The headline was that line dresses which will always make all the kind body shape look fabulous. It means that all different body shapes and sizes are very popular.  Most recomended style is about how the wedding dresses become the removable pieces. So it make the bride possible to customize their gowns or to make a different look in between the holly ceremony and the party at the reception from Adele Wechsler bridal collaction.