Models of ponchos for autumn and winter: fur, knit, leather, fabric. What to wear a poncho with?

By | October 7, 2014

A poncho is an article of clothing without which a wardrobe of a modern fashionista is unimaginable in the season of autumn and winter of 2013-14. Because of its loose cut, this item is fine for ladies of various weight and shape. After you will read this article, you will know what models of ponchos are fashionable in the autumn of 2013.

ponchos for autumn and winter

Autumn and winter ponchos – the trendy models

Some twenty years ago a poncho was just a rectangle with a hole for the head. However, in this season the designers offer various models, materials and shapes. Because of that, any self-respecting fashionista should have this stylish item in her wardrobe. Also, the designers offer many varieties of cuts and collars, pockets, hoods, clasps, arm-cuts, varieties of length, cut and materials. All this can help to choose the model which will be ideal for you specifically.

trendy models trendy model

The classic style of poncho gave the designers its thrum-ended fringe and its ethnic pattern. The podiums of the world show ponchos made of all-natural materials, such as suede, textiles (linen, denim, fleece, wool, tweed). Especially popular, however, are knit ponchos with a large knitting, worn with voluminous berets and long gloves. These can be seen in collections of such well-known designers as Marni, Salvatore Ferragamo, Temperley London, Vera Wang et al. Those who like hand-crafts can knit such a poncho themselves.

The hit of the autumn and winter season of 2013 – 2014 are ponchos made of wool, drape cloth and leather with broadened shoulders. And a strong, warm fur poncho will preserve one’s heat in a cold winter day, not worse than any fur coat.

Concerning the color gamma, in the collections of famous designers brown hues predominate. However, the classic colors of black, white, gray and beige can also be seen, too. There are also pastel-colored models, such as mint, pink, violet and light blue.

With what to wear a poncho? Hints for fashionistas

Modern poncho is a convenient and practical article of clothing. It is fine for both a trip to a black-tie ceremony and a walk in a park with friends. Besides that, it is never unfashionable and will serve its owner not just one season. A poncho can make a girl unusually attractive, but only in the case if she wears it right. Otherwise it just looks like a sack. So what clothing goes well with a poncho?

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  • Trousers. The times when jeans were the only legwear good to wear with a poncho are long past. Modern, elegant models look fine with skinny trousers. The ideal variant to go with them is a knit poncho of a large knitting, or a drapecloth one with Mexican motifs. Leggings are also fine with a poncho, especially if they imitate the texture of skin. However, bell-bottomed trousers are a no-no, they can make your figure look unproportional.
  • Skirts. Ones with a minimum of decorative details will be perfect with a poncho, along with single-color miniskirts. Such a look can help to show the amazing beauty of your legs. Quite stylish is the look of a knee-length skirt with a poncho, or one slightly longer. An ideal cut for this variant is the tulip or pencil skirt. But trapezia-like or bell-shaped skirts are a poor choice.
  • Footwear. Whatever you wear with a poncho, be it trousers or a skirt, your legs will attract attention. Because of that you should choose footwear carefully. First, it should make your legs visually longer, and second, it should not conflict with the rest of your image. For the taller girls, ballet shoes or mocassins will be acceptable with a poncho, but for women shorter than average, only high heels will do. High boots or botillons made of suede or leather are fine for knit ponchos.
  • Accessories. Such costume jewelry as threads of large beads or eye-catching pendants are not recommended to wear with a poncho. You should be careful with choosing neck scarves, too. The main requirement is that they should look harmonically with your poncho. During cold season, long gloves are ideal with a poncho.