Main Rules of Choosing Women Bag

By | March 29, 2016

womans bag 2016Purchase of women bag often can course some difficulties, because it’s necessary to choose the accessory which will match it’s owner individuality, style, practical needs. These factors not always blend: one bag can have a suitable appearance, but it’s functionality may not be so good. That’s why, it’s necessary, first of all, to identify the requirements to a bag and only then go shopping. Here’s the list of some recommendations about choosing this, of course, very necessary accessory for any woman.


It should be chosen according to the type of constitution. Besides that a bag will be fashionable: it should blend well with it’s owner image, with her style. The constitution and the shape should be completely opposite. So, for slim and tall ladies the accessory, which is stretched on width, will suit. Not tall women should choose rectangular and slightly elongated products.


A bag shouldn’t be very big if a person couldn’t boast of a high growth. In this case large products will look disproportionate.


Here you should focus on the colors, which dominate in your wardrobe. If the product is intended for daily wear, then it should blend well with the footwear and the majority of clothes. Most women usually buy neutral colors, especially for winter and autumn. But the bag by Michael Kors, for example, will be a good choice for spring and summer.

bag colors

bag colors


If a woman has a magnificent bust, broad shoulders, she shouldn’t choose the bags, which are worn on shoulder as well as large accessories. In this case strap can be long, lowering the product on the hips level, what will balance the figure. Those, who have protruding belly or massive hips, are recommended to choose the bags which are worn on shoulder.


Those products, which are to become a daily place for different plenty of things, should be rather functional having some pockets and separations. It will be much easier to keep it clean, if the product has a solid base. Baggy things are worse in this sense.

Way of opening and closing

Here we can divide the products on those which have frame lock, magnetic one, zipper, valve, or products on the clasp. In the last case the clasp should be really reliable, especially if you go on the city with this bag using public transport. Choose your bag not according to your mood, but thinking of the future. Due to the fact that some of them can’t be called very cheap, it means that they will require the appropriate care of them.

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