Low heels are not for low start!

By | May 17, 2013

I bet that you are very much tired from high heels… So, this is wonderful news for you, my friend: this summer the trendiest footwear is the one which brings outmost comfort! Let’s go back to the low heels again.

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Slippers history

Yes, slippers, and do not be skeptical about them. This footwear is on the top of fashion charts now. Of course, it is not usual slippers as how we used to address it. These new slippers are casual shoes which were brought to us from United Kingdom years ago actually. Every respectable dandy and gentleman must have it alongside with cigars of high quality and Lord Byron poems. But at those time slippers for aristocrats were meant for home use only and were made from silk velure or velvet, they were supposed to give a gentleman outmost comfort just inside the house and could never be wore for outdoors.

Celebrities who wears slippers include Prince Albert, Winston Churchill, Steve McQueen, Robert Kennedy.

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All hail Tom Ford!

Let’s say big thank you to a person who brought slippers from home under the podium lights – Tom Ford, whose ability to transform any part of clothes into sexual fetish gave us modern slippers for daily life.

Okay, so, modern slippers are semi-closed shoes either with flat soleplate or with very low heels. They differ from cloying moccasins by their look, since they have cute so called tongue reaching ball of the foot. Modern slippers can be made from different materials: from leather to silk. Oh and of course designers create so interesting outer finishing. For example, Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik put on their slippers such thing as metallic thorns, crystals, pearls and even feathers. But the most common finishing of slippers is embroidery” from sculls to cute animals. The most famous “animal slippers” belong to the brand Charlotte Olympia with cat’s face on it.

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Best slippers for summer 2013

  • Prada;
  • Stubbs & Wootton;
  • Valentino;
  • Giuseppe Zanotti;
  • Charles Philip Shanghai;
  • Phillip Lim;
  • Christian Louboutin;
  • Jimmy Choo;
  • Rob Pruitt Wheel Loe.

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What to wear with slippers

Slippers are not only good for your health but also can be combined with almost everything but their ideal partner is denim. They also look well with classic office outfit and any formal clothes.