Long Jackets for Women the Warmth and Stylish Solution

By | April 28, 2012

Long jackets for women currently becomes another options to maximize the fashion style although it used not only in winter, but also in other weather that still can approve the jacket into the style. Basically, jacket has max length up to under the waist area. Well, it typically is not too far from the belt area. It is different with the coat, we know that the coat is another kind of warm clothes beside the jacket which has long lenght up to under the knee. The function is to give the warmth for almost the entire of our body. In this article, we will discuss more about women long jacket which are ready to complete your fashion style.


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Casual Long Jacket for Women

For casual long jacket style, we gives you several design ideas which can be your fashion inspiration. The first long jacket for women is Steve Madden Women’ Canvas Jacket. It is designed in dark color option such as black and olive to add the warmth sense completely. It has lenghth appropriately three inches under your back. Big buttons from the V neck into the bottom looks classic but create such modern style on fashion. Zipper hardware in bronze color decorate the V neck and breast to complete the brown buttons.


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The next long jacket for women is called as Jessica Simpson Junior’s Boyfriend Jacket. Well, you should understand why this jacket callsed as the boyfriend jacket. The answer is in the size of this long jacket. The jacket is kind of open jacket which looks like it is a man coat. It is designed in black only with two flap pockets on the front side. If you see it at the first, this long jacket looks precisely like a blazer with great stretches and lines to make it elegant.


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Cute Long Jacket for Women

Let’s leave the boring formal and casual long jacket and replace it with cute and stylish long jacket. You will be so surprise that this kind of stylish long jacket exist. Well, let’s start it from Mimosa Mist Jacket. This jacket is identical with its French motif pattern on the entire surface of jacket. It is so simple and sheer with V neck that form into your stomach. You can connect the two side of this long jacket by tie the little belt in the middle. Small white flower textured motif on this brown long jacket for women looks like glittering touch.