Long cardigan: which to buy and what to wear with

By | February 22, 2015

Of course, sweater is the main item of cold season. But would also add here a cardigan. And, of course, elongated one!

Such cardigan is present in many collections – and there are a lot of reasons for it.

First, elongated cardigan also covers loin: wind in winter is so strong, that it blows even under the coat!

Second, it looks newly made (in comparison with short models).

Third, belted cardigan slenderizes well and extends the height – assuming that the textile is of an average thickness, close and there are no laps on the waist.


Key features that such cardigan should have are:

  • proper length (the length by no means shouldn’t be longer than your coat and it shouldn’t change proportions of your figure for the worse);
  • flexibility (bold color, rough or complicated knitting, print, decoration – all that makes the item of little use for some situations, for example, for working attendances);
  • close enough material and not too clinging cut – so sleeve edges of a lower item, blouse closings, back jeans pockets and others won’t show through the textile).

It is also important, that there are no “turns” on the bottom of the item and it doesn’t taper downwards.

Calvin Klein Collection

These are all recommendations for base cardigan. If there is one – you can buy something brighter, bolder, with interesting details. But first of all – the base.

As for color scheme, I would advise to pick light tinctures. Beige, pearl-grey, nude, lacteous will combine with pastel, dark, bright colors, while black, or dark-grey are more elective.

Anyway, focus on your wardrobe: there could come a point that in your very case vinous or bright-green colored model will be flexible!

Theoretically it would be better to find a cardigan that could be worn with belt and without it, gaping open and buttoned. My favorite and ideal model in this regard is a model of Yana Kovich.

Antonio Marras

But, it has no closure, only belt (and it detached and without belt loops on the item – which is also an advantage!), but it looks very glamorous both buttoned and unbuttoned.

Let me point out the color scheme – there are a lot of options. And how many images you can create with it!

In fact this is exactly what we will do now.

We will create interesting and comfortable images with your perfect cardigan, that which probably gathers dust for a long time or, may be, it is still only a part of your imagination. You can add a coat in your mind – as we did it before – these images are also aimed at cold season.

Everyday office

Yana Kovich

Not each dress code allows knitted wear. But if you are lucky, you can change your jacket to a cardigan for winter.

You need only to make sure that the material is really good without any pigtails, curlicues and others.

Out of control

Out of control

Everything is quite simple: sweater, jeans, boots, capacious bag.

For promenades, shopping, meetings with friends, voyages. Down jacket or oversized coat above – and move on!

Lady, may i get to know you?

If you have high enough heels and the weather is dry, this is the time to put on a long skirt. Many women wear it in summer, but in fall-winter – nobody (and it is obvious!).

Lady, may i get to know you
This is another matter to follow the fashion. Skirt color is still your choice, and I’ve found it interesting to attract passer-byes’ attention with bright tincture.

In this case a coat should also be belted, otherwise you will look like a sack.

Hello, Britain!

Boots set the tone here (like for horse riding!) and checked cap. The image can be added with knit knee socks.

Hello, Britain

Let’s go party!

And again our cardigan is not really good for it (YanaKovich model would be much better), but, I think, the picture is clear.

Court shoes – this is more likely for changing, let’s say, if you arrived in a severe frost to a restaurant for an anniversary: not many people would like to spend the whole evening in fur-lined boots.

Let's go party

Ankle boots (also leopard), and event leg lightening over-the-knee boots (not leopard by no means!) will be quite appropriate here.

Be bolder!

If you plan something not “typical” – for example, exhibition, fashion show visiting or something like that – you can afford appearing a bit bolder and even more extravagant than usual – people will appreciate it.

Be bolder

A dress of bright tincture, unusual bag or shoes, huge jewelry will help you with that. I have a quite restrained variant (but not many people will appreciate pink color), but it can be added with fur neckpiece.