Latin America Treasure from Venezuela Fashion Design

By | May 23, 2012

What is on your mind when somebody saying to you this line:

Venezuelan fashion design

? Well, the country is not all about a place at northern coast of South America anymore. It has a underdog invasion statement and brand new important meaning for world’s next fashion industry influence. The main reason behind this fact is, Venezuela has a Ministry of goverment which well-know as the world’s class event organizer to held teh very huge number of beauty pageants. The international event held on a weekly basis at the melting pot for the African and Spanish culture acculturation that became Latin America.


venezuelan fashion designer


Although fashion does not always mean clothing, at the country that became the first Spanish American colony, people of Venezuela has a wider concept about fashion.  With the population dominated by 68%% Mestizo, Venezuela citizen very detail and conscious about how they dress and look. It means, they really pay attention before going outside the house. They really define how a fashion forward’s best attitude. Spend a lot of money is not tricky but its the way they do the lifestyle. This Venezuelan fashion design news has shown how people actually now about the high-end designer and has a budget to buy the clothes.


venezuelan fashion designer ch


Venezuela born so many world’s top designers such as  Carolina Herrera, Angel Sanchez,  Mayela Camacho, Jose Maria Almeida and Durant & Diego. The another fact is, branded clothing can be found that easily  even in the remotest parts of Venezuela. Funny how the fashion sense its not dominated by the youth, but also among the adults section.  No wonder one of attention grabbing in the world’s fashion industry is Venezuelan fashion design.