Large Women’s Fashion Season: Fall-Winter 2016-2017

By | October 5, 2014

With each new season, fashion turns more and more democratic. The world’s leading designers are starting to address the problems of women with large forms, which isn’t surprising given that, according to statistical data, more than half of the world’s female population is bigger than your typical fashion models. Designers enact special fashion shows for ladies with above average sizes, on which they are shown how to choose their wardrobes taking their voluptuous bodies into consideration. Many designers picked up creating ensembles for the shapely as their specialty. Such brands as Mango, Asos, Elena Miro, Marina Rinaldi, Luisa Viola let women know that being big doesn’t force them into hiding in immense concealing robes. On the contrary, picking the correct cut of a dress, skirt or trousers lets them present their shapes in winning light, hiding every fault and demonstrating every edge. So let’s see what clothing is advertised by fashion designers to the curvaceous ladies for autumn and winter of 2016-17…

Large Women

Violeta by MANGO: Fall-Winter 2016-2017

Mango, the Spanish fashion brand, designs a special line for large women, under the name Violeta. The catalogue for fall and winter of 2016-2017 offers plus size, casual chic-styled clothing to the fashionistas. This style has grown in popularity because of its universal applicability and simplicity: it’s easy to recreate it and create an ensemble with bell-bottom trousers, oversize long coats, knit sweaters, classic coats, fashionable dresses, jeans, shirts, classic trousers and fashionable trench coats. The color gamma of the entire collection is quite neutral and calm. Base colors predominate in it, such as blues, hues of sand and khaki. This subdued palette is quite harmonically cut with crimson, coral and light blue hues.


A special place in the entire collection belongs to outerwear, among which one can encounter windbreakers and trenchcoats, super-popular Perfecto-style leather jackets, parkas, capes, duffle coats, fitted coats, sheepskin and down-padded coats and jackets. The diversity of color, cut and texture is nice and enjoyable.

The designers at Mango offer women to try on fashionable knit sweaters, pullovers and cardigans decorated by Scandinavian patterns and voluminous knitting. Such articles of clothing look subdued yet stylish and practical for cold seasons.

Fall-Winter 2

The couture masters of Italy haven’t forgotten about dresses, either. Despite that they aren’t very numerous in the new catalogue, all of them are perfectly suited to shapely young women. Specifically, we can encounter strict and straight silhouette dresses, shirt-like, bodycon dresses in the collection, along with abstract-patterned and paisley-ornamented models.

However, the choice of fashionable trousers and jeans is much richer than that of dresses. The collection of jeans turned out to be very diverse, including models in gray, indigo and light blue tones, along with those in khaki. Concerning trousers, the stylists of Italy offer purchasing tapering and wide models, sport-style ones with trouser stripes, variants of classic cut, knit or even leather trousers. Such articles of clothing may be successfully combined with knitwear, shirts and blouses.

Fall-Winter Collection of 2016-17 by Asos

Asos Curve is a line of clothing for young well-built ladies by the well-known British brand Asos. Their new cold-season collection can be definitively dubbed the triumph of the girly style, in which a special place for flirtatious dresses, lace and the color pink was reserved. In Asos Curve, fashion for the bigger women was quite successfully combined with the basic tendencies of this season and year, which can be confirmed by the presence of long knit cardigans and coats, flowery prints, checkered patterns on suits and skirts. Besides that, the new line of clothing includes baroque-styled articles, a red dress of the high-low cut (shortened in the front and elongated in the back), knit caps and scarves, leather botillons with an open toe. Given all that, young fashionistas can abandon their complexes regarding their appearance, because now they are given access to fashionable, modern and stylish images.

Winter Collection

Elena Miro, Fall-Winter 2016-17

Elena Miro, another brand from Italy, has stood for the fashionable interests of large women by developing a modern and elegant collection for the colder seasons. Thanks to this, every voluptuous beauty now has the possibility to try on a subdued and strict, yet stylish and chic ensemble.


The color palette of this collection, which is called White, reflects natural ranges of color from the titular white to the earthier hues. Warm, sweet coloes open the collection, alternating with lighter hues of gray, dark blue and beige. Soft, flowing, feminine materials such as crepe de chine, jersey, suede and fur, in which lighter and finer movements are possible, were chosen by the brand.

Marina Rinaldi, Fall-Winter 2016-2017

This brand from Italy is world-famous for a reason, because Marina Rinaldi isn’t just a fashion house producing clothing for large people. Marina Rinaldi is the brand that successfully combines the latest innovative developments and fashionable trends, the brand which has the know-how to transform a large, shy simple woman, ignorant of her own beauty, into a magnificent, well-dressed, attractive fashionista.

Winter 2

The new autumn and winter collection is designed in a rather subdued gamma of colors, in which brown and gray colors, along with denim and khaki, are prevalent. Besides that, red and pink have a place in the collection; several evening dresses and coats are of those colors. Also in the collection are elongated flowing skirts, jeans, patterned cardigans and long knit sweaters, checkered skirts, leather trousers, classic trousers in beige and white.

Outerwear receives special attention from the designers. Their choice reminds women that it’s neither modern nor trendy to be shy of one’s shapes and try to conceal them. On the contrary, here comes the time when shapely ladies should dress stylishly, fashionably and noticeably. It is time when one should get rid of boring, shapeless images, because ensembles which showcase the nature-given edges of a large figure, not hide them, are here in their stead. The brand offers the voluptuous fashionistas to dress in magnificent fur coats and elongated vests, or in original coats with animal prints. Along with that, the collection offers a red duffle coat with a fashionable checkerboard print and a pink buttonless coat which cleverly showcases the waist because of its single-color belt and creates that hard-to-achieve hourglass figure. The designers want the coats to be worn with jeans and leather trousers, and the fur clothing could be quite harmonically combined with skirts and beige trousers of a classical cut.

Winter 3

Regarding evening wear, the designers offer single-color maxi dresses of various bright hues. Light flowing fabrics used in sewing eveningwear were generously decorated with various elements at breast level, drawing attention away from problematic parts of the silhouette and accenting the beautiful, voluminous breast. A-silhouettes, V-necks, high waists – all these sewing techniques are perfect for shapely seductresses. Thus the designers of Marina Rinaldi once again prove that being big doesn’t confine one to be a couch potato.

Fashionable clothing for large women by other brands

Many other designers contributed to creating fashionable clothing for large women for the current season. A special attention for those of voluminous shapes was paid by Luisa Viola, FOREVER 21+, Jeffrey & Paula, Anna Scholz, Adrianna Papell, Nicolette Mason and others. An honorable place in autumn and winter collections was occupied by long knitted cardigans, tunics and sweaters which combine perfectly with leggings, trousers and jeans. An autumn image can be successfully spiced up by accessories such as long gloves, neck jewelry, bracelets, hats and handbags.


Cold-season dresses offered are astonishingly magnificent. The favourite designs of the 2016-2017 season are exquisite bodycon dresses, Empire dresses, wrap-over and basque dresses, bustier dresses and high waist models which make any feminine figure more exquisite and pleasant. The choice of colors, fabrics and prints is impressive: the catalogue and the fashion models on the podium show designs in red, crimson, pink, golden, silvery colors. Among the prints, the most popular are animal, flower, geometric and Oriental motifs.

The designers also provided choice for those who prefer skirts and trousers in their day-to-day image. Trousers with a bell shape beginning from the hip are known for concealing flaws of voluptuous hips well. Structured cotton fabrics balance the image well and make one appear slimmer. The most popular skirt models are the pencil skirt, the playful bell-shaped skirt and the high-waist skirt. A favourite of the designers is leather, of which skirts, trousers and accessories were sewn.


As you can see, large figures aren’t a taboo in the world of high fashion. On the contrary, many fashion designers now embrace the principle of “no more complexes and stereotypes”. You can choose bright, fashionable and modern outfits, because in a worthy frame big shapes can look more feminine and seductive than slim bodies!