Knitted celebrities dresses

By | December 2, 2013

This review will help you to understand some nuances that are important for choosing knitted model of own dress and the best examples we can offer are those dresses of different celebrities.

Eva Mendes wears lime dress by “Valentino” from the collection Spring-2013 to enhance her natural feminine side. But to be honest this dress is med from guipure lace and not really knitted, but it is a great example of colours combination and silhouette.


This dress’ colours are a bit faded, calm which make the look be fresh. Note that you can use such silhouette with a bit elevated waist line even for the knitted model to visually make your legs look longer. Bottom part of Eva Mendes’ dress isn’t really straight, it has some soft feminine pleats which by the way may help to hide not so ideal and not so flat tummy. It would be better for you to knit the dress with sleeve, thus you will have greater variants of its usage, also sleeves will help to hide fatty upper arm. This dress has ideal length to cover the knees, so it follows the advice of legendary Coco Chanel.

So, such dresses are really suitable for few different types of body

The great choice of British singer Eliza Doolittle is fantastic knitted dress which follows the feminine body lines. It is quite simple and made by crotchet, its pattern base is stripes of treble crochets. Silhouette and train make dress very elegant.

This dress clearly shows that even simple pattern can be used for the evening gown if you make correct proportions, silhouette and some accent.


Solange Knowls the famous Beyonce sister has chosen knitted top by Gucci, it is really small and open a lot of body, therefore Solange also decided to wear bandeau which was wise decision since it has simple tough texture. It is much better choice rather than wearing lace bra under such knitted top. This clothes is knitted by using crotchet and quite thick threads were used; it is also possible to make some add-ons in macramé techniques.


Jessica Alba prefers neutral pastel tones, and this is great example how even the simplest pattern can be a winner being combined with usual design made in basic colour. But you must remember that quality of the threads would play an important role, for such dress it’s better to use mixture of cotton with viscose or with silk. As you can see, patter is just usual netting. Having suitable body shape you can use such kind of dress for the evening outing with friends or beloved one somewhere in the resort vacations. You can also choose beige colour.



Jennifer Anistone has chosen white knitted dress with very simple pattern done by crotchet. But this pattern has interesting positioning: in the breast area it command clear vertical lines forming V-shape deep neck, and that will enhance slim and light look, meanwhile bottom part of the dress has a bit elevated waist line and half-adherent A-silhouette.


Kaily Minogue has laced beige dress which was many times re-knitted by many Russian girls. But to be able to wear such beige tone in the lace variation you must have slim toned body, otherwise you would look like hippo in the net.


Kate Moss gave her preference to the white laced dress with ¾ sleeves with round elements. Such kind of dresses is really suitable to her usual style of bohemian chic even for daily life. This dress is very difficult model to knit so you need to be very experienced to make it.


Mila Yovovic has tight beige dress to show her wonderful body. This dress is knitted by crotchet as a whole thing but its pattern forming vertical lines. Remember if those lines are not vertical but a bit deformed on the certain parts of the body, then there will be no such esthetic effect like Mila has.


Olivia Wilde prefers monochrome stripes by “Dolce & Gabbana” to be presented on the premier day of “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” in Texas. Classic positioning of stripe for the harmony: horizontal stripes on the top and vertical stripes in the bottom. This dress isn’t actually knitted but its texture is very similar to knitted one.

Jameson Empire Awards 2012 - Press Room

One of the most popular fashion houses in Italy is Missoni. Since 1953 this brand produce knitted clothes as jackets, scarves and other things. Many celebrities including Nicol Ricci and Katy Holmes wearing its creations. Missoni stripe are so different and unique for each body that it’s difficult to predict their behavior. There are many factor which play huge role – colour, silhouette, plasticity of clothes. Some model would make you look slim while other would make you look fat.

Russian celebrities also choose knitted dresses for the events

Yulia Kovalchuk wears white dress with strings mated with laced shawl. Taking into account Yulia’s miniature body type such combination works effectively, but for those who has bigger body it is recommended to use different styles and patterns for dress and shawl. This dress is knitted with cotton threads.

Alika Smehova always looks elegant and her last knitted dress isn’t exception. It follows her body lines, cover everything that should be covered but does not look deformed.