Khloé Kardashian’s Wellness Hacks for Longer-Lasting, Healthier Food

By | October 12, 2017

Watch out, Kourtney—Khloé Kardashian is coming for your crown as the reality TV family’s newest lifestyle guru. On Wednesday, the 33-year-old reality star posted a video on her app and website, Khloé with a K, where she divulged her life-changing hacks for fresher, longer-lasting food.

Khloé began by showing her viewers how she organizes her refrigerator. To ensure she’s maximizing space and her food’s freshness, Khloé places cold drinks on the top shelf where it’s generally warmest. Another place that Kardashian sister said typically gets warm is the door, which she uses to store condiments and other foods that “won’t go bad so easily.”

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star places her most perishable items, her meats, in the bottom drawers, so they stay cooler for longer. Another reasons she places meats at the bottom is so their juices don’t drip down the shelves to the rest of her food—an unsanitary no-no. “Always put your meats at the very bottom for easy clean up,” Khloé said.

The Good American founder also explained why she keeps her eggs in their original cartons. Though she used to transfer her eggs to “really pretty glass containers,” Khloé stopped that after learning that the transfer cut her eggs’ freshness significantly. Another hack of Khloé’s is keeping open boxes of baking powder in her refrigerator to eliminate bad odors. “I swear by this trick. I have three [baking powder boxes] in mine because I’m crazy and I have a big fridge,” Khloé said.

But of course, the E! personality also had to give credit to the tip she learned from her older sister, Kourtney, who she described as a “crazy warrior on going green.” Along with “screaming” at Khloé for not having organic bread, Kourtney also taught her younger sibling to swap out all her plastic tupperware for eco-friendly glass containers.

“I now have only glass containers due to Kourtney because she’s psychotic and will literally murder me if I don’t,” Khloé said. “I guess when you turn into a mom you turn into a crazy warrior on going green and knowing all this information that you never cared about when you were in the clubs partying.”

Considering Khloé is reportedly pregnant with her first child with her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, it makes sense that she’s picking up tricks from Kourtney. And who knows? Maybe we’ll see her as one of those “crazy warrior” moms who go green, too. Watch Khloé’s full refrigerator tour, here.

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