Jeans Skinny for Being Trendy in Fashion

By | May 4, 2012

Jeans for both men and women are designed in various styles such as jeans skinny. The skinny jeans style are jeans with tight accent on the legs area and figure pencil shape on that area. This kind of jeans becomes so popular especially among the younger. It is such trendy and stylish jeans style which typically worn to represent casual fashion style in social.


jeans skinny legs

jeans skinny men

jeans skinny tie


¾ Length of Jeans Skinny

Jeans skinny is made in any size to complete the casual fashion style in any season. ¾ lengths of skinny jeans are suitable options for you who want to looks pretty in simplicity. The basic design of this skinny is the same as like common skinny jeans with ankle length. But you will see the stylish accent created by them when you wore it in casual way.


joe's jeans skinny ankle

joe's jeans skinny visionaire

levi's jeans skinny 511

Today you will find so many jeans skinny designed with the same fabric but different in style such as motif or pattern. The plain version of skinny is available in various colors to suit your skin and top clothing color. The skinny jeans in ¾ length is also available in printed design with unique and chic motifs on the jeans.

Jeans Skinny in Low Rise jeans Version

Most skinny jeans are designed as low rise jeans version. But it is also designed as high and medium rise for your fashion options. Currently, low and very low rise jeans skinny becomes the most popular jeans version.