Jacket – this is trendy

By | July 11, 2013

Women’s jacket is always convenient, elegant and fashionable. Of course, certain things like fit, length, buttons, zips can change, pockets become not only practical but beautiful as well. In other words, jackets are always trendy.


Jacket’s shape generally is the same as men’s models; however, it can be suitable for any woman no matter what are your body lines, size and age. Vertical lines underline slim figure; possibility to combine jacket with different style and colour blouses makes jackets desired part of the wardrobe.

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Experiments with different length of the sleeves demonstrate that potency of jackets is huge, and in future we will see more of its forms and types. The length of the sleeves changes together with trends – it could be short sleeves, long sleeves, ¾ sleeves till elbow, till bracelet line. Each new model looks great and underline the women’s beauty.

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There are few different types of jackets:

– tenchcoat-jacket which was borrowed from military people, it has epaulets, shaoulder yokeon the back, belt with bolt loops, turnover collar, decorative embroidery and metallic buttons;

– Chanel-jacket with shortened length, without collar, with some embroidery along low neck line;

– cardigan-jacket without collar and lapels with straight shape, fastening only with one button or belt; this jacket is much longer that other types;

– spencer-jacket with short length of front and back parts (till waist line) and long sleeves;

– oriental Nehru-jacket with stand up collar, closed fastening and usually made from brocaded fabric;

– jacket-mandarin with wide sleeves, straight shape and use of thin silky textile and padding polyester;

– jacket-smoking, with is quite tight and follows body lines, it is usually white or black.

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Knitted jackets are really very popular; they can be knitted by needles and crotchets, by using different diverse knitting schemes. Great choice of threads let you easily to get needed material for any kind of jackets – for thick warm and for the thin summer models. Such knitted jackets are so nice and elegant that many trendy girls would like to have it in their wardrobe.

Convenient shape and decorative elements can be the thing that make jacket very popular.