How to wear flower print correctly

By | July 12, 2013

The trendiest things for this summer are flowers on accessories and clothes. Note that flower print of current season is a bit different compare to the previous one.


Any trendy girl must know how to use flower print correctly.

1. Start with small things like accessories, and only after you get to used to them you can go for the clothes with flower prints.
2. You cannot wear bottom and top parts with the same flower prints, otherwise it would look like pajamas.
3. While choosing clothes with prints you need to pay attention to your body complexion. For hiding extra kilograms it is better to choose medium or small size flowers, such print definitely would not add anything to you. If you have normal body size then you are allowed to pick up flowers of any sizes.
4. You need accessories made from the same material, it could be belt, hat, jewelers.
5. Such clothes should match your body ideally: not too tight, not too loose.
6. The brighter print – the simpler fit, otherwise it will lead to loosing the style.
print 2 print 4
The easiest and the simplest way is to combine clothes with flower print with clothes of neutral colour like black, beige or white. Also you can add some accessories, so you will get finished look which is modern and trendy. If you would like to add some brightness then juts add few more bright colours to your clothes, but the main rule is that colour be the same tone with colour of the print.
print 6
Another option is to combine totally different tones and shades. You might know that colours that are located nearby each other in the colour spectrum are usually can be easily combined together. For example, it could be blue and bluish-violet, reddish-orange and orange. But remember that the main colour of the print makes contrast with other colours. Also you can mix three tones of one colour which are not far from each other on the colour scheme. Pastel shades can be combined with flower print the same way.
print 7
Small flower patterns can be combined with blue denim, so you will get country style clothes which is very trendy nowadays. Id such combinations are a bit boring for you, then you might like to try combine flower pattern with other prints.