How to pick leggings?

By | February 3, 2015

Leggings has become one of today’s wardrobe fancy things. This is a very comfortable, and at the same time a beautiful fashion item. But, even if it’s a very comfortable clothing type, sometimes you need to carefully analyze how does it fit to one or another image. 


Leggings – pink of fashion

Having appeared on the podium once, leggings has fast entered the everyday life of each woman and has strongly settled there. Today there exist a lot of cuts of this clothes, from flimsy summer, to heat-insulted winter ones, of bright acid colorings or distinguished cold tinctures, of classic skin-tight fit or tight-fitting and sexual models.

Thanks to this variety and popularity they have gained the market and women hearts, but it is better to refer to them rationally. Because of its tight leg fitting, leggings accentuate both all the attractions and all the imperfections of its owner, this is why it is better to combine it and pick up a model according to characteristics of your figure, especially legs.

Probably, it is better even to refuse the wearing of this king of clothes in case of intense fattiness or contrariwise of emaciation, and also if legs are not straight enough. But if a woman with beautiful neat legs wears leggings, all the attention will be riveted to her!

What to wear with leggings?

Almost every woman can afford today’s leggings if she wisely combines it with other clothes. It is important not to forget that the closer the texture of leggings is, the shorter your jacket or shirt can be, but this is strictly forbidden for sheer and fine leggings!

Only women with perfect curves can afford to combine tight-fitting short jacket and leggings, the rest of them should follow the rule: the more your weight is, the looser and longer the shirt should be.

What to wear with leggings 2

More popular are black leggings, but they can be of almost every tincture, the most important is that they combine or complete the top. You should be very careful if you prefer multicolor models – they can make you look fat of too much colorful.

What to wear with leggings

It is important to pick carefully suitable shoes. Thus, flats will add simplicity and easiness to your image. High heels will make you legs more neat and your image more sexual. But wedge and massive heel will look not really nice, making legs more like hooves. Sneakers will make you look like a sportswoman. Boots or ankle shoes look good together with this kind of clothes.

Therefore, if you pick leggings right and choose suitable clothes and accessories to it, you can look stylish and sexual, without being afraid to appear silly, but accentuating only your perfections.