How to pick a scarf of a neckpiece

By | March 17, 2015

When several dozens of new scarfs in wardrobe have appeared and many mistakes during the shopping have been made, I received knowledge of some secrets – how to happily pick a neckpiece or a scarf for your neck.


In this article I want to tell you about it. If you pay attention to some refinements of choice, you can buy clothes that will hold solid positions in your wardrobe.

How to pick a scarf or a neckpiece

  • If you haven’t wore scarfs or neckpieces before, or only one or two of them was enough for you, I recommend you to start buyings with new cheap, artificial models. Let me explain you why. It will keep you from expensive mistakes, so saying burnings.

This article is intended to diminish bad buying number, it will certainly help you, but at first you will have some mistakes anyway.

scarf 2

The thing is that at the beginning of the romance with scarfs), you will have to try many important little things.

Such as:

— appropriate scarf size (length, width),

— coloring that will feat you the most, that will fit your wardrobe, etc.

scarf size

To understand all that, you have to start wearing it.

The experience will show what it is better to buy next time. Besides, cheap scarfs and neckpieces look mostly quite attractive and refresh perfectly.

Then, when you realize which models exactly you need, you can spend all your money for expensive natural clothes.

So that, for example, when I’ve just started to open up this new wardrobe item, I visited a neckpiece shop. You know, when dozens (may be hundreds, I didn’t count) extremely beautiful, very different neckpieces, scarfs, palatines look at you, it is really hard to pick one or at least three of them. It seems that you need them all. And badly. So I picked three – not really cheap but of the same size –neckpieces of different coloring.

natural clothes

I tried it on, it was perfect. But at home, when I started to wear it everyday, it became obvious that only one of these neckpieces would be enough. Because they are a bit small for me (I fell it). I fell uncomfortable in it. It always shows below the coat (for which I, actually, bought it), also it ties up tight on throat.

Anyway, now I know for sure which neckpiece size I need. I’ve decided that, for spring, autumn, winter, the bigger the neckpiece or the longer the scarf (palatine), the better. It looks more splendid and a number of additional ways to tie it appears (in comparison with short models).

  • The picked scarf should be of an appropriate color for you. If you pick the color right, it will fit your eyes color and skin tone. And it is preferable that the scarf refreshes your face (but don’t dies away with it!).
  • You should imagine what clothes you will wear with it. It’s good if there will be many variants.

Think, what do you wear the most, how do you dress for work. If the picked scarf will combine with these clothes.


It is very important

Without having thought over the fate of clothes that you buy, you risk not to wear it at all.

  • For summer, the following textile will fit: chiffon, crepe-de-chine, silk, thin cotton, satin. From cheap ones – polyester.
  • For winter you can pick: cashmere, wool, angora. From cheap ones: pick textile that has something in its composition that was listed above.
  • Rejuvenescent colors: apricot, soft-yellow, pink.
  • Common colors: red, green-blue, soft-pink, lilac, pastel tones.
  • Picking the scarf or neckpiece color consider that really expensive designer models rarely look ornately and pompously.
  • Untied long scarf can add you a bit of height.
  • Monotone scarfs fit to motley clothes, motley scarfs fit to monotone clothes.
  • If you want to buy a motley scarf or neckpiece, pick the one that has color of clothes that you will wear with it.

long scarf

Remember all the recommendations when you pick a neckpiece or a scarf, and most probably the bought clothes will perfectly fit to your wardrobe and please you!