How to dress the girls which have A silhouette?

By | July 27, 2016

As a result of unsuccessful dieting many women write themselves into the category of losers and no longer look after them If you are one among them, then do it for nothing. No matter how full your body, it can look attractive. For this you need only to choose the right clothes. I checked it out on their own experience and will gladly share with you fashion secrets.

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So the conversation was more substantive, talk a little about you. With the growth 176 cm my weight was 80 kg, with all the excess is accumulated in the lower body and abdominal area. As a result, I became very similar to the letter “A” or a pear with the difference that instead of the smooth skin I had orange peel. How to get rid of cellulite, read the link on the website “Solar hands”.

Of course, my figure and before was a bit disproportionate, but I have not had this horrible stomach, and tight clothes looked great. Now I had to part with some of my favorite topics and mini-skirts and hide my body in the covers for tanks, which were shapeless sweatshirts and fat pants. Fortunately, I quickly realized that these clothes look older me and starts to drift into an even greater depression. Treat yourself differently taught me the article is chief editor of the portal “Solar hands” Anastasia guy “How to be happy, loved and successful?”

Conceal flaws and emphasize the dignity

In the case of A-silhouette plus is the chest, and the net – belly and thighs. To distract the attention of others from extra weight in the lower body, you need to open the chest area. Thus blouses and shirts must be quite free and not to fit the belly. On the other hand, avoid baggy products with a high waist. At first I thought that they must hide the stomach, and I tried to pick out something suitable. But each time the fitting was convinced that they add to it even more volume. Such my conclusion is fully confirmed the statements of the experts.

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A dress with an open neckline is not suitable for all cases, so you need to find something stricter. Brighten imbalances figures will help blouse with ruffles at the chest. They will make it more luxurious and will balance the hips. Also perfect solution would be clothes with horizontal stripes, but you need to consider one important caveat: in the abdominal area, they must not exist or be very thin; otherwise you too will look more voluminous. By the way, except that I started to properly pick up his clothes, I was doing special exercises. Them I found on the website “Solar hands” in the article “How to lose weight in your stomach?”

To the waist, it is necessary to choose free stuff with belt or blouses and blazers like of X-Cut. Also with this task perfectly well vertical stripes that visually stretched shape and make it more lean. A similar effect is created by large inverted triangles; they expand the chest and make the lower part of the body more graceful. But the usual triangles absolutely contraindicated, since they duplicate the silhouette and bright accentuate figure flaws. For this reason, I had to part with my beloved t-shirt on which was drawn a large Egyptian pyramid, and buy a few things with the correct figure.

To hide full hips, you should choose a long dress; it should completely hide the fly of your trousers. Thus it is necessary to avoid blouses with a semicircular bottom, which have cutouts on the sides. Despite a fairly long length, they open up the hips and focus on their fullness.


As for the pants, then preference should be given free models. Although, if your weight is not too large and you have slender ankles, so there is tight clothing may well have a place in your wardrobe. For example, I continue to wear skinny jeans, but complement them only long tunics and t-shirts tailor made. Due to the fact that the belly and thighs are completely hidden, there is a very elegant silhouette. By the way, when choosing pants, you do not forget about slimming vertical lines.

It can be and pants with decorative stripes and velvet model

Another great decision in your wardrobe for A-line is long skirts flying. They are suitable only to women of a small and medium height and tall, like me, absolutely do not go. So I stopped at the free models just above the knee. They are perfectly hide the fullness of the hips, and a thin ankle left open. Tight mini skirts can also be worn, provided that they are not too short and are complemented by a long top.

When choosing a dress you need to combine all of these rules. For example, I prefer the models in the style of the 60s with a tight top and a lush bottom and dress robes with a belt. Also I have a model similar to “case”, but the skirt is made not in the form of “pencil”, and has a more loose fit.