How to draw fashion Ideas 2012

By | May 21, 2012

There is a popular phrase, “Fashion is not what you wear but how you wear it”, so now you founded your passion is asking about how to draw fashion? You may need to a cup of tea and enjoy reading. As a general term especially in clothing, fashion has creates ideas and bring the trend in one of the biggest industry.


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In the fashion industry, there are lots of profession. Such as tailor, stylist and of course the artist that make a big influence, the designers. They who create a transformation from a wink of idea to a master piece. So the next question is still, how to draw fashion?


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Although its usually become a bit intimidating to draw fashion, but in this high technology’s era, if you have the consistent passion and purpose, everything is possible to happen. First of all learn the basic step. You need to know how to draw body shapes. After you mastering the body shape, you need to know how to shade, in order to give the clothing depth.

Patience and persistence are required on drawing the human figure. Pencil, eraser and the flat well-lit drawing surface is the important tools. The expensive art paper is not necessary, the point is you must use paper that you are comfortable with. Turn the internet on, search the youtube videos, and learn the basic tutorial about how to draw fashion?