How to choose bra correctly

By | April 11, 2014

Bras have been the most important thing in the female wardrobe for so long, and this is very well explained since this small intimate part of clothes may change woman greatly making her more beautiful and desired. Bra’s history is not that long, just less than a century when dangerous corsets were replaced by safe and light bras. However, it is difficult to find a single woman who does not have at least one bra in her wardrobe, because the main feature of the bra is to support the breast.

choice  bra

Although bras are very popular due to them fitting well for different breast type and size, and that makes them very convenient, comfortable and effective, still not every woman really knows how to choose such important thing correctly. And just because of such lack of knowledge useful bra may turn into something that bothers you and makes you feel uncomfortable. Also wrongly chosen bra may harm your health.

Different materials for bras

materials for bra

Surely, many of women thinks that all underwear should look great, sexy and attractive. Therefore they prefer to buy bras made from synthetic fabrics. Of course, such underwear is good for the special occasions, like when you are going to date or going to wear semi-transparent dress so that underwear should match it. However it is not suitable for daily use, for that you need to buy bras made from natural fabrics like cotton or flax. Surely, these bras do not look the same effective but they let your skin to breath and prevent sauna effect, which is harmful for the breast since it can lead to the development of breast cancer.

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For the same reason you should use bras with cups filled with foam. Such bras are good in supporting the breast and make it looks great and with nice shape but they are more harmful rather than useful.

Although each year famous designers offer us new models of sophisticated bras you still need to stick to some conservative ways. You don’t have to chase the fashion just to lose own comfort and safety. Because in such race only manufacturers will win.

comfortable cups

Each woman must define the ideal bra model for herself. Yet there are few features that may help you with correct choice. At first you need to pay attention to the cups which should be big enough for the breast to fit in. Let’s be honest nowadays it is rare to find a woman who would like too have a smaller size of the breast. Yet some ladies are being shy to have wonderful plus size breast so they try to fit it into the bra of smaller size. That is very, very wrong! Such action may lead to the permanent pressure to the breast tissue and following development of mastopatia. It is much safer to get the bra with correct size of the cups rather that try to fit the big breast into the cups which are able to cover nipples only.


Also pay attention to the straps and belt of the chosen bra, they must be elastic enough. If you got the correct size of underwear taking into account volume and size of the breast, then all those supporting element will not press on your skin causing pain and irritability. To get optimal supporting effect you need to get bras with so called bones made from plastic or metal insertion placed in the bottom part of bra. They let you to fix the breast in the best position. This is ideal variant for the plus size ladies, however, young girls with the breast of small size may not follow this advice. For them it would be much better to get a push-up bra with special insertion letting to enlarge breast size visually without those bra bones.

Another problem is the stitches of the bra because they can cause a of of pain, too. They should be ideally even and almost invisible. By the way, today you have a great choice of so called bras without stitches in many shops selling underwear. Such bras are very comfortable, they are suitable for women with mastopatia or heart problems.

It is your own choice only!

Every woman has her own dress code and underwear is not exception from that rule simply because bras are not only something that we need every day but because it is very attractive part of woman’s wardrobe. Many colours will help you to choose the right model to match with any of your dress or suit. But try to have some rules, too. Let’s agree that scarlet bra will not match blue dress, because it will make you look cheap and easy to get woman.

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Anyway you must at least to try to experiment with various colour and their combination, just don’t do it publicly. Choosing colours is tied to your own likes and dislikes. That is why if clothe under which you are going to wear new bra has any degree of being transparent then you should buy underwear of the matching tones. Yet there are some exceptions of course. Any light colour clothe will be suitable with the nude bra, and dark blouses and office attire you may chose black bra and everything will be fine.

Meanwhile you have to take into account that colourful bras may colour your clothes, that’s why during hot weather or sport activity you must choose light colour or nude colour underwear.

Bras for pregnancy

During pregnancy the body of woman goes through many great physiologic changes. It is linked not only to growing tummy but to the enlargement of the breast, too, because the latter is just preparing to produce milk. It is impossible to predict how big will be your breast due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. That is why you may start to chose proper bra only after three or four months of pregnancy when breast will be changed already, and after that till the birth the bust won’t be growing more. But you should not stop looking for the proper bra anyway. Exactly during this period your breast is getting heavier and that lead to having stretch marks. To avoid them you need to wear bra not less than 8-10 hours a day, also you must choose models with wide straps which help to fix the breast in the correct position.

bra for pregnant

Requirements regarding underwear fr the pregnant woman are quite specific but you still can make it. So, the bra should be quite thick but possesses good air circulation, so forget about model made from synthetic fabric. Also it is not recommended to wear bras with bones even though they have good supportive characteristics because they create a pressure towards bottom part of the breast. And that’s not good for the health.

How to choose proper breastfeeding bra

Underwear for breastfeeding mothers are almost he same as for the pregnant women. But there is one very important factor you have to pay attention to. Bra for breastfeeding must have cups with open upper part so the mother may breastfeed baby at any time. There are models in which cups may be opened from the top. But you should consider buying it only if you are able to unbutton it without any help and by one hand since the other will be busy with holding baby. That’s why it is better to avoid bras with the buttons on front since it is not convenient at all.

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And the last. You may consider buying such bra for the breastfeeding not earlier than after few days after giving birth, just because you need time to activate the lactation process and exactly by that time your breast will get back to the certain size which they will keep during breastfeeding.