Hijab and Skinny Jeans for the Latest Muslim Fashion Style

By | May 28, 2012

Hijab and skinny jeans seem to be perfect combination for your new fashion style. Well, many women who wear hijab, sometimes they want to stay up to date in the latest fashion but still in their hijab commitment. But it is quite difficult to combine the current fashion that dominated with minim closed clothing design.


Hijab and skinny jeans 2011


Hijab and Skinny Jeans Combination Tips

Well, the thing that you need to know is by choosing the appropriate skinny jeans. For women who wearing hijab, try to not choose skinny jeans that are too tight to wear. Jeans with little accent of the skinny jeans style would be perfect option to keep you in hijab concept while combining the hijab and skinny jeans.


Hijab and skinny jeans


There are so many top with long sleeves and closed enough to complete your hijab and skinny jeans. Try to choose clothing with length under the back. It is used to cover you sexy back in the skinny jeans. For the hijab design, it depends on your style and favorite color you choose.

Hijab and Skinny Jeans Style for Smart Business


Hijab and skinny jeans 2012

For smart business fashion style, hijab is perfect option to complete your formal outfits. Tailored suit should be perfect solution for hijab. You can combine the hijab and skinny jeans for smart casual fashion style.