High Waisted Jeans Inspiration

By | July 5, 2012

If you want to look stylish nowadays, it might be better for you to try wearing high waisted jeans. This kind of jeans is said to be trending nowadays. Moreover, they are also worn by many female celebrities too. Here are some inspirations that might be great for you to try in relation of the wearing of these types of jeans.


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High waisted jeans are very suitable to be worn together with body-fat plain color shirt. Female celebrity who is known to wear thing kind of style for once or even often is Kim Kardashian. Once, she was found to wear tight blue-dark high waist denim together with white body-fat plain shirt.

high waisted jeans shorts

high waisted jeans outfit


This kind of high waisted jeans is also suitable if worn with simple tank top. This kind of style can of course be included as casual style. Although it is so, some singer, like Jessica Simpson is confidence enough to wear the style on stage performance. You can also read women wearing jeans skirts in this site.

high waisted jeans new look

high waisted jeans and crop top

One thing that will make this kind of jeans look perfect is various types of high heels shoes. You have to know that there are only some types of heel shoes that will be perfect for the style. For example, there are stiletto shoes, pumps, sling backs, and platform shoes which are suitable for high waisted jeans.