Hey, you! Get out from my wardrobe!

By | May 21, 2013

Didn’t you know that even your wardrobe needs a general cleaning from time to time? So, get up and let’s see which things are not trendy and fashionable anymore.unfashionable Clothes

Space prints

Stop wearing something with space prints since it is already outdated. Furthermore, why would you follow strict diets for the weeks to make your buttocks look good and then just put the whole Universe on it? Where is the logic? But seriously, this space print became outdate almost right after it has been born. So, forget about portraying yourself as the part of Universe.

unfashionable dress

 unfashionable space

Jeffrey Campbell Lita

Although it was the trendiest footwear for season 2012, now its time is over. Get rid of such shoes! Of course, they are comfortable and can be combined with dresses, jeans and almost everything, and also they are sold in so fancy boxes…and their price is not that high. But! By now almost every girl has it, so it is not good. Say bye-bye to these shoes.

women's shoes

“Bad boys” outfit

It could be leather biker jacket, metallic thorns and clinchers, aggressive slogan on the T-shirt, masculine boots – all those things are meant to tell the world that you are bad girl, so others should be careful. But then you apply sweet pink lipstick which is a sign of cute girl. That’s nice but have you ever thought that not all guys can get alone with such mixed signals? So, have a mercy on them and throw away all those “bad girl” accessories and forget about being brutal – leave it to men after all.

unfashionable shirt unfashionable bag

“Good guys” outfit

You know, T-shirt with slogan “I am nerd” and glasses with fake lenses could never be able to make someone to be smarter than he or she is. So, don’t be stupid and forget about that image. Smart people should be naturally smart!

unfashionable glassunfashionable women`s

Homeless-like clothes

Umm, let’s make it clear – only high profile celebrities are allowed to wear such kind of clothes so we can call them hipsters. Otherwise it is going to be a disaster since people would always think either you are hipster or just homeless person. By the way, military prints and accessories do not help as well.

unfashionable man`sunfashionable attire

Sexy sweaters

Well, it was interesting and nice and funny to look at those wonderful pictures which were posted in American blogs. But it is definitely not nice to wear since everyone owns it. It became a mass-production so forget about that.

unfashionable sweaters

unfashionable print unfashionable look

Leopard print

Are you top model? Or maybe celebrity? Or at least movie superstar with personal stylist? No?! Then get rid of anything with leopard print immediately if you wouldn’t like to look as Village Princess. Remember: this outfit requires ideal taste and knowledge of all fashion rules.