Hairstyles for thick hair

By | July 23, 2013

Those ladies with beautiful long hairs are always attract attention, especially of long hair are quite thick. However, these women often got such headache as combing and styling their hair, furthermore, sometimes long heavy thick hair can cause a real strong headache.

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Usually, all problems connected with hair care can be linked to wrong haircut or hairstyle. Sometimes you can resolve such problems without need to go to the hair salon.

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The most optimal variant for women who prefer long hair is long straight hair which would underline hair beauty by making them less volume up. Traditionally, thick hair are a bit curly, therefore it is better to lift them up from the roots by comb. The hairstyle will be more attractive and effective if thick curly hair would be cut as layers downwards.

To make thick hair to succumb to hairstyle it is better to have medium length till shoulders. The same hairstyle with many layers will make thick hair of medium length lighter. Distance between layers correlates with thickness and volume of the hair: the thicker hair – the bigger distance.


Women with average hair length have many different options of haircuts and hairstyles. Correct haircut can make hair less volume up and less heavy, thus it gives you opportunity to make usual pony tail, braids around the head without worries that hairpin would be broken and hairstyle would be damaged. Today many online-magazines offer you to choose correct hairstyle just by watching suggested photos.


Those girls who do not have time (and desire) for styling volume hair might choose short haircut. Beautiful and modern short haircuts are convenient, practical and require not much time for brushing and styling.

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And anyway, long locks look much better when they fall down being volume up. Moreover, special hairstyles for the welcome receptions or for the holiday made on long hair are able to turn its possessor into princess or even queen. So, think twice before you decide to cut your hair, and if you still want to do it then ask advice of hair stylist regarding its length, so you will have less problems with styling your hair later.