Hair-dye without ammonia: Myth or truth?

By | July 15, 2013

Earlier women understood well that beauty requires sacrifices, thus they breath with ammonia steam while dyeing their hair. But now we have a new product: hair-dye without ammonia. Is it real? Is it possible that hair colour does not have terrible smell and the same time fx the colour for the long time.

Invention of non-ammonia hair-dyes can be names as revolution in hair care. In addition that they do not have ammonia, they are almost 100% natural. That means such dyeing would be less damaging and would not lead to excessive dryness of the hair. Careful colouring is provided by the fact that these hair-dyes contain natural components like lychi essence, birch, grape seeds, walnut shells etc. So these hair colours have healing properties.


Another advantage of hair-dye without ammonia is that they are equally good for the grey and light hair. Darker tones of such hair colours would ideally suite dark hair. And if you are natural brunette but would like to become blonde or light chestnut then you might need to lighten your hair at first. Keep in mind, that this is damaging procedure. However, non-ammonia hair-dye will not make the damage of the hair structure greater, it is even will heal it a bit.


After using hair colour without ammonia you would be able to notice that your hair are alive, silky and shining. Also many of such hair colours have add-ons like mask-conditioner. Do not hesitate to use it, because it will improve the hair look and keep new hair colour for longer time.


Quite often it’s difficult to get desired hair colour, especially if you use chemical colours containing ammonia. To avoid such problems you need to know the probable colour reaction in certain situation. For example, ladies with light ash hair should be cautious while using yellowish shades, because such combination you might get unnatural green tone. And if you chose ash tone then be prepared to a bit darker shade that you expected. Golden tones could be one tone lighter than expected. Having grey hair you should be cautious with reddish shades because they can be much brighter on the grey zones. Unless you really decide on the colour tone then choose the lighter one because it will be easier to improve situation if something goes wrong.