Great Vivienne Westwood created great uniforms for “Virgin Atlantic”

By | May 11, 2013

It looks like now we are going to see the trendiest and fashionable cabin crew ever, and it is all thanks to Vivien Westwood. This famous lady, fashion and style legend, has agreed to make her own unique design – or perhaps, it is better to say “re-design”, the same famous and well recognized red outfit of stewards and stewardesses of “Virgin Atlantics”. Can we hope that now all those stuffy suits including skirts will be blown away?

Designs Virgin Atlantic Uniforms

Meaningful collaboration

This agreement, or should we call it collaboration instead? – between Grand Dame Vivienne and this airline company was actually in the right time, because at that moment Westwood had a sort of resurgence of her signatory punky style: she had few shows – from some major exhibition of her punk collection in New York to taking part in A/W 13 catwalks with her kilts, safety pins and leather clothes. This new partnership which seems to last quite long also have other side, for example, it will definitely honour designer commitment to using eco-friendly materials in her work for creation of sustainable yet exotic fashion.

Big Boss telling us

We have got an exclusive explanation about why their common work is such big deal from airline Big Boss Sir Richard Branson:

“Since current formal outfit of airline stewards and stewardesses have been the same for more than decade, so everyone is used to it, moreover, other companies began to copy it in a certain way. That’s how we came to the idea about changing our style. Choosing designer is obviously difficult job, and our main desire was to work alongside with those who is adventurous as us, who can throw a challenge to so called status quo and whose creations can be easily recognized and can become something memorable.”

Futuristic edge for airline

Not less than 75 thousands airline stuff will wear newly created formal outfit on the plane’s board. And this outfit is really memorable and cannot be mistaken with any other air company uniform. It combines favourite Westwood cutting techniques from 40-s couture with famous Savile Row tailoring including futuristic edges, thus we can see wonderful blouses having charming origami folds and of red bright colour, which are nipped in jackets for the stewardesses, or dapper suit of maroon colour for stewards.

New look of airline stuff will have its first trial in July this years at the airports and on board.