Good Hairstyles for Men According to the Face Shape

By | March 2, 2013

Good hairstyles for men are relative for each man in the world. It is because we know that basically human born in different shape and character. It is the same with the hair and face shape. Men can be so handsome with appropriate hairstyle because the style of hair certainly suits the shape of his face. In this article we will know what kind of hairstyle should be applied according to the face shape.


good hairstyles for men with thick hair

Good Hairstyles for Men: Oval

There are seven face shapes of men which can be guidance to consider the good hairstyles for men. The first face shape is oval face. This kind of oval face shape will work better with any hairstyles because the oval face is the most perfect face shape. The key is to avoid the heavy bang to get better look on the face.


Good Hairstyles for Men: Square and Oblong

The next is square face, it certainly has larger dimension of face. For this face type, the good hairstyles for men which can make the face longer should be the best option. Do not forget to avoid hairstyle that allows parting on the middle. Giving layer on the hair and soft the edge can give soft accent on this strong look men face.


Oblong face is similar with the oval, but it precisely longer than the oval. You can apply any hairstyles and add it with more volume on the side to get the good hairstyles for men.