Givenchy Shirts Offers Luxury on Your hand

By | March 8, 2013

Givenchy shirts are kind of French style concept in formal fashion look for men. Basic information related the Givenchy should be the only one that can change your way to choose the best clothing for formal occasion. We must know that Givenchy is French clothing brand which has been operated since 1952 to provides various women and men outfits.


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Classic Givenchy Shirts

Classic Givenchy shirts typically made of cotton in sheer fabric to ensure the shirt always breathable to wear. The classic design involves long sleeves and perfect design of collar to hold the necktie. Single breasted style on the button line completed by simple button application on the sleeves tip.

Printed Givenchy Shirts

For more modern style on the Givenchy shirts, patterned shirts would be great option. The printed accent is different from a product into another. The color is also unique combining the pattern to create luxurious sense when you wearing it. Spiral lining pattern on the entire side of shirts looks so gent in blue.

This blue patterned shirt designed with small detail to make it unique. Other printed Givenchy shirt is a shirt with double patterns combination. It designed in bold blue as the backdrop color. Black star printed on the body part, while the purple plant prints are applied on the sleeves, collar, and bottom area on the body part of the Givenchy shirts.