Gemstones on Jeans for New Innovative Style

By | May 7, 2012

Gemstones on jeans come in various models of stones. It might be applied as the jeans hem or just for accessories to complete the jeans appearance. You can exactly choose the jeans according to the gemstones color. It also can be chosen based on the shape of gemstones such as star, pin, and crystal. The design of the jeans is similar with standard design of jeans. The thing which can distinguish the style is just the arrangement of gemstones, colors, and shape.


gemstones on jeans


Gemstones on Jeans by YOOX

YOOX is one popular jeans trademark which provides so many jeans with the gemstones on jeans to complete your stylish casual fashion style. It has various jeans in numerous jeans types including short jeans, tight jeans, and skinny jeans. Various jeans with gemstones designed with various gemstones options such as brass and silver.

Gemstones on Jeans by KOHLS

Other jeans trademark is KOHLS. It provides various kinds of jeans with gemstones to complete your casual fashion style. There so many gemstones on jeans in various models and styles. Leopard skinny jeans with gemstones should be chosen to complete your unique style.

It designed in maroon color with white backdrop on the jeans. This skinny jean designed in skinny model with stylish accent on the printed motif. The maroon leopard print looks unusual with crystal gemstones on jeans.