Fissionable tendencies in spring of 2017

By | January 10, 2015

Every spring a girl dreams to look beautiful and fashionable. From the start of the season, this question is raised more burning especially when the weather is always changing and does not allow spring to come into its own and realize this aim by all available means. For this, all that we need is to have a fashionable, bright and stylish image, which can be built by means of our pieces of advice. We offer you to know about fashionable spring tendency of 2017 right now.

Fissionable tendencies

In this season, checked clothes of the brightest colours, which were very trendy, come back again. The kilt (a traditional Scottish skirt) that is beloved of all girls has many fashions and can be of various length. It is important not to go too far while choosing top clothes in order to emphasize only the kilt. The designers advise to choose a roll-neck sweater with a waistcoat or a fitted jacket; also you can put on a bolero. Suede low-heeled high boots and a handbag, which match one item, can serve as accessories. Checked clothes are also represented in the collection of spring coats.


Trendy clothes in this spring are an abbreviated top, which girls wear with everything, for example, with official trousers and skirts, a bell-shaped skirt and maxi-skirts.


In this season a sports style is an attribute not only for professional sportsmen but for girls and men who have nothing to do with it. You can realize an image with the help of a pair of elements, for instance, sports trousers or a sports T-shirt. In any case, a comfortable and stylish apparel for the whole spring is guaranteed.

Fashionable tendencies in spring of 2017: dresses

Choose bright prints and ethnic patterns, which can be used on every elements of clothes. For example, such prints look very unusual, effective and remarkable on a raincoat or a coat. In such a case, the rest items must be pale shade in order not to burden an image. But those who are very brave can combine two prints at once: geometrical pattern, floral and Chinese patterns, striped and checked ones, spotted and spring prints. Concerning dresses, these are the most fashionable tendencies of 2017.


The most popular colour of this season is snow-white one again. You can wear it in any quantity whether it be a skirt, a dress or a coat. Accessories of bright colour will become a great addition to your apparel. You should give special attention to open-work and satin blouses.

If a one-colour variant is not for you the designers advise to choose classical clothes of black-and-white colours in any form: from black lower part and white top till “zebra” pattern.


In spring of 2015 dresses cuts of fashionable tendencies can be different. But you should prefer classical ones. These are a straight skirt, a circular skirt or a fit and flare skirt. Retro images of the 50-60s come back into fashion. They are pleated skirts and midi dresses of metal and shiny tints.

Fashionable tendencies in spring of 2017: shoes and handbags

Jeggings and leggings are in fashion during several seasons without a break. Girls all over the world like them for their ability to hide excess centimetres on thighs and to emphasize elegant ankles. Peculiarity of such fashion is that you can wear them practically with any shoes from classical pumps till semi-sports ballet shoes. Perhaps the one fashion which does no suit is sandals with lacing.

shoes and handbags 2 shoes and handbags

Fashionable tendencies in spring of 2015 include various shoes such as ankle boots, lace-up spring shoes and jackboots. As usual, a classical spike heel is at the height of the fame with peaky toe and ankle-tight leather. However, according to fashionable tendencies in spring of 2015, we can recommend them those who like comfort shoes with flat sole and steady square heel. Wedge-heeled shoe, platform, thick sole are popular in this spring.

Now let’s view fashionable tendencies in spring of 2017: handbags and other accessories.

Pure colours and natural materials come into fashion. It can be expensive cow-hide or cotton jeans. Elegant women clutches and handbags fitted by pure silk with graphic Asian patterns become very popular. Fashionable tendencies in spring of 2017 recommend buying a handbag with volume pattern by all means on which a branch of blooming Oriental cherry is depicted.

Fashionable tendencies in spring of 2017: ideas, secrets of a style

Trousers can be of any colours. The time when only black colour was in favour is gone and now different rainbow tints are popular, from yellow and red till blue and violet.

ideas, secrets of a style

Those who like individual clothes will estimate sweatshirts at their true worth. They are sweaters and cardigans with unusual patterns in the entire surface of the cloth. We advise to combine such a sweatshirt with tie-dye jeans, black suede high boots and a scarf of the same colour for walking. For an evening image, we advise to choose a black satin pencil skirt and high-heeled high boots.

Pencil skirts of different fashions also deserve our attention but as to colours you should choose bohemian blue, lemon yellow and azure.

You should prefer such materials as stockinet, satin, shiffon and laces.


In general, in the world of accessories the same trends as in clothes one take first place: volume clothes of unusual form and colour.

ideas, secrets

In order not to create a terrible combination, we advise you not to mix all trends at once but choose all elements of clothes sensibly. The main thing of an image is image completeness and confident look, and in such a way, spring will hark our appeals and make us happy by warm spring sun.