Females in Low Rise Jeans for Active Fashion Style

By | March 4, 2013

Females in low rise jeans are found in various fashion styles today. Well, they come in simple and casual images especially with jeans as the best casual principle to support this simple style. Low rise jeans are jeans with the top of jeans located on or under the hips. This kind of jeans is typically designed 3 inches lower than the belly button. It has been found in 60’s, but it begins to be popular in 1990 and 2000.


women low rise jeans

Females in Low Rise Jeans Models

Basically, low rise jeans for females have specific design and it can produce sexy image on the women who wearing it. There are many styles of females in low rise jeans which are identical with sexy casual fashion style. Various color and pattern colors on the low rise jeans would be your favorite choices to complete your sexy casual fashion concept.


Females in low rise jeans models usually wearing any jeans style to complete their casual fashion style, since those jeans are low rise jeans type. Do you know skinny jeans, tight jeans, and pipe jeans? Well, the low rise jeans might come in various jeans type including the skinny jeans, tight jeans, pipe jeans, even short jeans. The color should be different to increase your fashion imagination in mixing and matching your favorite clothes.


Females in Low Rise jeans Effect

Besides low rise jeans have many advantages in fashion field, it also has several effects in the health field. We know that any kind of tight pant is not good for us especially if it worn too much. According to Dr. Malvinder S. Parmar, females in low rise jeans can get discomfort of the pain and paresthesia on their body because this kind of jean can press the sensory nerve.