Fashionable winter of 2016-2017

By | December 5, 2014

Every person of the fair sex tries to keep an eye for tendencies and changes in the modern fashion in order to look fashionable, stylish and interesting. For this, one should keep track of the world’s innovations as shown on fashion shows, because every echo of the world’s podiums affects what we will wear next season.

Fashionable winter

Today’s fashion is rapid and constantly changing, but it isn’t a problem for a young and wealthy woman, who might feel bored to wear the same skirt or coat for several seasons.

winter of 2014-2015

Fashion designers and houses of the world incessantly work for the good of the global community, each year they offer the most amazing and unusual works of art, leaving us mere mortals a choice between acceptance and understanding, or remaining in complete befuddlement at the next idea of the designers.

But the real fashionistas are already interested today in the fashion of this winter, because it takes foreknowledge to purchase the most original and interesting articles of designer clothing in time.

Judging by the recent high fashion shows in Milan and New York, the coming cold season’s fashion is going to be quite non-standard, original, and, according to many critics, somewhat somber.

Milan and New York

Whatever your opinion is, but dark colors are present in nearly every detail, which surprised many. Opinions about such a decision differed wildly, someone approved the combinations of expensive fabrics and various drapings, but the exquisite details and décor made even the most skeptically minded critic to end up admiring the magnificence. However, the dark tones and overt dramatism which inspired most famous designers somewhat disappoint a vocal part of the audience.

The fashionable colors which mostly predominate the décor of outerwear, footwear and certain accessories, form the following gamma: dark blue, black, brown, leaden, gray and deep red. Of course, there were some brighter sparks: such creators as Moschino and Versace added a bit of light and positivity into the mix of somber decisions; the addition of scarlet, white and azure blue is this season’s calling card of House Versace.

Moschino takes this trend even further and fountains with juicy and extremely bright colors: red, yellow, white, light blue, orange and an incredible plenty of prints in various hues are featured.

Concerning cuts and styles, nearly every article of clothing in this winter’s fashion can be identified as belonging to a slightly retro style reminiscent of the last century’s seventies. It is expressed in abstract and Oriental patterns, and also folk ornaments, which entered the fashion in the first time during that period.

fashionable colors

The expressive hippie chic age silhouettes gradually reclaim fashionability. The hippie chic style consists of loose cuts, an independent image and original prints and patterns. The simpler, more convenient clothing is also trendy, many ensembles show a resemblance to the famous “country style” with its characteristic cowboy boots and hats.

cowboy boots and hats

A special attention is paid to rich and extravagant fabrics in the coming winter season. Velvet and silk are on the peak of this attention, and so are tweed and tartan.

The most popular designer’s ideas of the 2017 winter fashion


As we have already said, this season is predominated by special tendencies followed by fashion designers: dramatism, somber palettes, rich décor and erasing the border between masculine and feminine. This last part is especially pronounced in the collection by Prada.


The female body, dainty and delicate, is concealed by dark and shapeless outfits: rectangular, crudely shaped coats, which can be softened up by thin, bright silk ties and semi-transparent, quite feminine silk skirts. In the center of attention is sheepskin, which crudely adorns the coat, and also certain bright ensembles in red and purple, which are designed for bold and self-assured girls.

Emilio Pucci

If we continue examining the novelties in the world of outerwear, we will see another designing house which attracts the eye with its original thought, namely Emilio Pucci. Their luxurious and original short fur coats and sheepskin coats, based on Norwegian outerwear, and also shaggy ponchos which are also inspired by Scandinavian motifs, definitely will not leave modern fashionistas unimpressed.

Emilio Pucci

Warm sweaters and blouses with ethnic and geometric prints, distinguished by deep V-necks and poofy sleeves, airy chiffon and incredibly feminine velvet suits with trousers are also in the center of attention.

Victoria Beckham

The collection by the famous designer Victoria Beckham can be characterized as astounding with femininity, grace and delicateness; among those manly and somber designs, her models became a veritable ray of light, as many critics report.

Victoria Beckham

Feminine single-color coats with wraparounds, pleated skirts and dress hems, narrowed trousers, round sleeves on blouses and giant chiffon flowers: that’s what should become the object of adoration and desire of real fashionistas in this winter season.

Giorgio Armani

The basics of style and elegancy, on which the new collection by the famous house is founded, will make many adherents of classical and business styles glad. Fitted suits with shortened trousers, reserved blouses and classic jackets, prim dresses augmented by asymmetry and pleated hems, which will be the main attraction of the coming season.

Giorgio Armani


Giorgio Armani2

All ensembles are outfitted with stylish and strict accessories: footwear, watches, bags and jewelry reflect all the elegancy and reserve which is possible. Probably, it’s all in the basic colors: “wet tarmac”, gray, light lime green, olive and silver.

So, what to wear this winter?

After we are done examining the collections by the houses of high fashion, we shall always find it very hard to compose a decisive opinion of what will look fashionable and stylish in this season. However, remember that, despite the incredible diversity of ensembles and design decisions, the basic trend that remains standing from season to season is remaining sensible.


Those articles of clothing that fit ideally on your particular figure will be fashionable. For example, the boyish, somber and baggy coats which are in vogue in this season aren’t for everyone. So you should find the golden mean.

wear a poncho 2

Do not forget about paying attention to accessories. In this season, the strict rule of having your footwear and your handbag in the same color and texture is back again. Among footwear, especially popular will be wide-legged, high-heeled boots, and also convenient and comfortable footwear on low heels; note that there is a fabulous choice of sports-style designs of footwear in the 2015 winter season.