Fashionable shoes in a spring-and-summer season of 2017: the main trends, colours and forms

By | January 10, 2015

We are always looking forward to spring and summer. Together with them, hopes of new life are awaken in our soul, girls become more sensible and romantic. We sort out our clothes and try to renew them one hundred per cent. Spring and summer for us are the time for changes, gladness, paints and love. No wonder that the most spirited and uncommon brand-news of modern catwalks fall in particular on this time. Will it be so next year? Read our article and you exactly will be well informed about fashionable brand-news of shoes in 2017 and you will be able to provide yourself before your friends.


Fashionable shoes in spring and summer of 2017

Fashionable shoes in coming season as if specially were created for this purpose that you would be able to stand out in a crowd. They will become the main emphasis in sets, which allow creating undoubted masterpieces. Notable designers reached such an effect with the help of a stylish pair of shoes in spring of 2017 through unexpected contrasts of shoes and other details on the image surface.

If speaking about materials which should be used for shoes of these seasons, first of all the stylists single out leather, lacquered surface and velvet. They can be used separately or all together with stripes or patches of different width.

Fashionable shoes

Lightness and elegancy of your ankles can be emphasized by laced shoes or leather ones with perforation, and also abundance of metal clasps as a decorative element. For instance, for late spring you can buy half boots from thin leather with high red lacing and elegant drapery on the surface.

If you are confused by large quantity of decorative materials, we will advise you to pay attention to two things – braiding and bows (separately or all together).

Fashionable spring and summer woman shoes: the main trends

When a designer made shoes he seemed to try to surpass one another by eccentricity and brightness. In the collection we can meet shoes with triangle and square toes with complicated high heels. Sandals, running shoes and trainers with large (sometimes fluted) sole are very popular. Shoes of coming season are very decorated with metal clasps (and other decorative elements).


We will not be surprised at high boots but in spite of it the designers continue to include them in their fashionable collections. For example, you can see many models with open toe or heel.

summer woman

One new tendency of coming season is a mix of several types of shoes in one pair. In such a way, habitual models change their style and as if take another life.

Unusual décor has no small share in this set of fantastic and very fashionable pairs. Here high lacing, fringe, abundance of beads and glass beads, which decorate for example light and elegant sandals are again on the top of popularity.


First of all we should tell about colour preferences. The stylists recommend leaving open shoes for several seasons while this fashion tendency does not appear again. Next year you must be bright, spirited, unusual, noticeable and sometimes vulgar and provocative. If you look at last collections very attentively you will understand that the designers compete with others: who will be able to create a bright and the most unusual pair of shoes for coming summer and spring. They leave no stone unturned – an unusual form of toe or heel, changes of sole height and mix of several styles, complicated and fancy décor. The most effective and at the same time the simples and expressive way to attract attention to beauty of your legs (and of course shoes) is colour. And the designers use it very often every year.

The black-and-white classics never leaves world catwalks (separately or all together). Traditionally many types of shoes (especially in spring) have such colour palette. They perfectly suit for any pastime – for beaches, walks in fervent summer, magnificent formal parties with their special dress code.


If such combination never bothers modellers we soon will feel tired of such black-and-white stripe in our life. Summer must be coloured, bright and remembering. Unheard-of combination of rich colours and tints has a great importance for a season of 2017.

Choose such pairs which are to your liking: deep sun shades as if it went down to your legs (orange or red); emerald-green as first grass; magic dark purple or nice sky-blue colours. You can choose more optimistic and deep colours, for example, sapphire tint of blue, dazzling pink (which inspire unbelievable optimism and good mood during all day long) and piercingly red to Sicilian orange colour.

orange colour

Also, shoes of metal tints will be popular – gold and silver are always in priority among fashionable designers. We recommend you to wear them with evening dresses but also you can put them on with casual clothes. It will look very spirited and interesting. Also, you will look like a goddess of Ancient Greece when put on clothes of snow-white tint (people liked such colour combinations there).

Do not forget that shoes from crocodile or snake leather are on the pick of popularity. You can meet models both from natural and artificial materials, in any case they will be perfect for any case. It is good that they combine almost with any style of clothes.

summer woman shoes

Except monotone combination, there are also combinations of several tints even the most spirited. The modellers often risk combining three or more tints together. In general, the main rule of the season also works here: the more unusual the better.

What shoes will be fashionable in spring and summer of 2017?

The main hit is laced shoes. You will look very romantic and attractive when put them on. In principle, there is no an unambiguous answer about what shoes will be fashionable in spring and summer of 2017. Each girl and woman determines accordance of a new pair of shoes for framed individual style. Moreover, there are enough forms and fashions for it.


High-heeled shoes with variegated leopard print or bright colouring will be very popular. The girls who like unusual additions to shoes can choose a model with bows, fasteners, clasps and other decorative elements.

A favourite of all girls and women, a spike heel, does not disappear this year. The designers just decided to give it an unusual form: it can coil like a snake or take another skilful form.

spike heel

We advise to coquette girls and women to pay attention to fashions heels of which are decorated by feathers. We advise to wear such specimen with midi skirts or abbreviated trousers in order to all beauty remains in sight.


Another essential thing of summer shoes and open-toe sandals is a platform, which is more comfortable than heels. Because of that, girls all over the world like it very much.

Together with classical style, models with futuristic style become popular – calked heels, shoes with cams of the most unusual forms.

calked heels

Together with shoes with heels and a platform, there are some ballet shoes on flat sole from f=different materials, different forms of toe and different decorative elements. More often, these are sandals or comfortable slippers.

shoes with heels and a platform

Those who like wedge-heeled shoe will be pleased with new models of coming season. They will be on light wood or cork sole.