Fashionable hairstyles in fall and winter of 2016-17: trends

By | October 7, 2014

Do you want to start a new life? Change your hairstyle! A new styling and a new color of hair add to an inner transformation of a woman, change her mood and feeling, and, along with that, the entire world surrounding her changes. What changes to choose for oneself in the coming season, you can learn from the NameWoman review that deals with fashionable hairstyles in fall and winter of 2016-2017.

hairstyles in fall and winter

The fashionable hair color

When it’s cold and wet in the streets, one starts to value the warmth of home especially. Because of that, it’s not surprising that in the autumn of 2016 stylists advise warmer colors to those who wish to change their image: wheat blonde or, for darker hair, mild maroon. One also should care about the intensity of the color, and of the sheen of hair. When it starts to snow and the year’s main holidays approach, one can try on the image of a show queen with the inimitable and icy platinum blonde. The fashionable hairstyles in the punk rock style allow or even advise dying into pitch black.

fashionable hair color fashionable hair color2

Despite the strong influence of the last century’s eighties on the fashion of 2013, one should avoid such bold colors as green, pink or purple in this season; the correct season for such experimentation is spring and summer. And this season’s fashionable hair colors should be as natural as possible, showcasing health and strength.

To be, or not to be? Parting in hairstyles for this season

Free-flowing waves of hair, be they straight or curled with irons, parted along the middle of the head, look simple and unassuming, but that’s the choice made by the leading fashion houses for their models on the shows of fall and winter 2016-17. A side parting and hair combed aside, or combing back with no parting, are somewhat less popular colutions, but they are acceptable if they suit you more.

Parting in hairstyles Parting in hairstyles2 Parting in hairstyles3

After a shower: the wet hair effect for a fashionable hairstyle in this season

One of typically summerly trends, namely the wet hair effect, persisted even in this cold season. Maybe the reason for that is 2016 being the Year of the Water Snake according to the oriental calendar… During the warmer seasons, this effect was known as “after beach”, and now it is being called “after a shower”.

summerly trends

How to make it? To create a fashionable hairstyle with the wet hair effect, wash your head, dry the locks a bit with a towel; they should remain somewhat wet. Now spread a special wet hair effect lotion along the entire length of your hair (do not go overboard with the amount of lotion), twist the locks with your hands, creating slight waves. Then dry your hair naturally, without a hair dryer.

You can apply the wet hair effect for not the entire length of hair, but partially (for example, from the line of ears and below). In the latter case, the part of hair unaffected by the wet hair effect should be styled very meticulously, which will produce the contrast for a very fashionable hairstyle.

Fashionable knots, topknots and ponytails

During the fall and winter of 2016-2017, hairstyles with low knots and ponytails will be fashionable. The ponytails look really simple; the hairband should be hidden under a lock of hair.

Fashionable knots




Topknots are used in both very accurate and strict hairstyles with ideally slick, back-combed hair, and in sloppy, charming variants of a retro hairstyle, when the hair in the knot is slightly fuzzy and the naughty locks break loose.

Fashionable braids

Simplicity wins, and a braid styled on the back of the head is one of the simplest and most fashionable hairstyles unaffected by time. Other Slavic-themed hairstyles, like a pair of braids tied in a moderately complex hair-basket, will also be popular. Girls who choose a “waterfall” hairstyle or connect two braids originating from temples on the back of their head, will also be in trend. But the best of all, the perfect variant for a romantic, festive image, is such a hairstyle decorated with a flower made of hair.

Fashionable braids Fashionable braids 2

Elegancy and femininity of loose locks

Curled hair is obviously in the trend during this season, and the variety of its styles is utmost: from a sloppy accordion-pleating effect and the literal “explosion on a macaroni factory” to light, meticulously styled waves, cute neat locks and tricky spring-spirals.

loose locks 2 loose locks 3 loose locks

How to do that? Option 1, sparing chemical curling is one of the most popular services of beauty salons, it simplifies the care of hair and its daily styling. Those with strong, healthy hair, or with greasy hair, may try chemical curling for the fall season.

Option 2, if you aren’t a fan of the chemical procedure and your hair needs more sparing care, but yet you dream about the most diverse locks, you can try a method which replaces the infamous curlers. “The Magic Set” for luxurious curls and waves can be used on dry and wet hair, uses no thermal impact in its simple implements. Because of the fact that locks are put into special holsters to curl them, the resulting curls are very neat, with no fuzz effect.

Option 3: the following method of forming hairstyle is quite harmful for the hair, but allows to achieve the desired results quickly, so many stylists used in during the fashion shows of fall and winter of 2013-14. To achieve a texture or pleat effect, hair was braided in many small braids and then pressed with small irons.

The stylists also advise the women to pay attention to the fashionable hairstyles of 2016-17, where hair was only curled from half of their length. The locks in this case may be neat and elegant, or tousled with an effect of “retro chaos”.

Fashionable “real girl” hairstyles

real girl

Sloppily styled hair and hairstyles that look like they’ve been corrected by wind are among the main trends in the 2016-17 season. Well, such simple and sloppy hairstyles are practical in autumn. This “real girl” style is more than practical.

Banged hairstyles

Do you want a fashionable hairstyle with bangs? Surely you can have one! The choice is quite wide. On the podiums you could see models with slightly tousled bangs of a half-forehead length and hair that slightly covered the eyebrows, with styled feather-cut bangs. The bolder and more creative girls who prefer not just fashionable but original hairstyles on autumn and winter will surely approve of the hairstyle worn by the Michael van der Ham model.

Banged hairstyles

The most creative: punk rock hairstyles and more

The most creative fashionable hairstyles in this season come from the punk rock style. Tousled short pixie hair, a creative cut, asymmetry, using wigs and toupees contrasting with real hair and not concealing it from the public, front-combed ponytails.

punk rock hairstyles 2 punk rock hairstyles

The fashion house of Givenchy offers something other than punk rock style, it’s more like a new retro: something from the charleston-era USA, some modern gothics. Nevertheless, this decision deserves to be counted among the most original hairstyles of the season.

Hair accessories in fashionable hairstyles of the season

Hair accessories 2 Hair accessories

Headbands and ribbons, unusual metallic barettes and even worn decorative elements such as fur tufts and fake bangs – hair accessories will be very bright, impressive and original. A festival hairstyle should be decorated with a diadem or hairband resembling a Byzantine crown, such as the one offered by the fashion house Dolce & Gabbana.