Fashionable coats in spring of 2017

By | January 10, 2015

In spite of we anticipate the spring season as the threshold of summer, at this time in Ukraine the weather is cool. That is why we should not forget about warm clothing. It is clear why the designers of spring collections give their attention to women coats.


Fashionable materials

Any fashionable season is remarkable for a variety of materials, which are used by the designers for clothing production. This spring of 2017 is not an exception. However, some common tendencies can be emphasized.


The most popular materials for spring coats are different coating fabrics including cashmere. But you can ask us, “what is an innovation?” The matter is that in this season the designers often use spirited combinations of materials, for example, leather with lace, cashmere with guipure etc. Such a method allows varying models and emphasizing refined taste of coat owner.


We can see a leather coat in most collections of notable designers. It is not necessary that leather should be genuine and smooth, any types of embossing and tints are possible. This tendency continues the trend of last season when leather clothes such as skirts, trousers, shorts were popular.

In this season quite unusual materials for coats wait fashionable women. The most unusual one is transparent latex. Undoubtedly, not every girl will decide to put on outer clothing from such material. However, with all its extravagance it has one incontestable advantage, practicality. You shouldn’t fear rain or light spring snow in such a coat.

Relevant fashions

It is very difficult to single out one tendency in future spring season according to coat cut. More often the designers offer outer clothing of the following fashions:

Trench coat 2 Trench coat

• Trench coat. Every fashion house interprets such a classical model differently, changing length of a coat or sleeves, and also doing something with decorative elements and a collar.

• Oversize coat. The thought about such fashions hide figure advantages and do not suit girls of solid build is mistaken. You should choose suitable colour and use it with a belt, a neck kerchief or a bright handbag, and you will look as a real fashionable woman.

• Trapeziform models and A-line coats. This tendency is a tribute to unforgettable classics. Although such coats were fashionable more than 50 years ago nowadays they look very stylish and relevant.

The most popular colours

We can single out two or three the most popular colours in every fashionable season. The spring season usually is indicated that the designers more spirited use bright tints and their unusual combinations.

winter coat

The range of colours of fashionable coats in future spring is quite unusual for this season.

We can see many models of black and grey colours on catwalks, which hardly can be considered as traditional spring colours. For those who are embarrassed by such tendencies the designers offer an excellent alternative: a khaki coat or beige one.

Perhaps spring outer clothing of deep red and violet colours will make young women happy who do not fear extravagance and brightness.

Handling features

Trench coat3

As a fashion exists during several thousand, most of coat fashions are known for everyone. It seems that they cannot be varied. However, the designers have another opinion. They use different decorative elements in order to single out their item: big bright buttons, laced tapes, fur insets and needle work. They help to emphasize style belonging of clothes and turn them into fashionable work of art!