Fashionable coats for autumn and winter of 2016-17: best women’s designs

By | October 7, 2014

One of the most elegant kinds of women’s outerwear is a fashionable coat.

By examining the collections of women’s outerwear for this season, we found out the following guidelines for coats: modesty, charm and… fairy tale motifs. When you look at the amazing outerwear created by the talented designers, you see a Little Red Riding Hood, a medieval princess, a magical astronomer or a young fairy.

Fashionable coats in this season: colors and prints

The color gamma of the fashionable autumn and winter coats in this year consists of black and gray, of beige hues and varieties of dusty, soft colors. And for those who is sadly waiting for spring and summer the designers offer pink coats or ones in the pastel hues of lilac. Completedly unexpectedly, the impractical but so impressive white broke into the main trends of the autumn.

Fashionable coats

Checkered patterns were among the main trends in coats for the last winter. The new season has the print represented in less variety than before, but it is still going on. The new collections also contain abstract and psychedelic pictures, plant patterns, leopard dots.

Materials for fashionable coats

Designs made of matte or shiny leather are still trendy, but they no longer lead the fashion ratings. Wool, cashmere, astrakhan, cotton velvet, satin, various other textiles and knit fabric are now capturing the interest of designers. The best collections still have a lot of coats which combine various materials.


Cut and length of fashionable coats

The variety of cuts of the currently fashionable coats is extreme. Both straight and bell-shaped silhouettes are trendy, and classical fitted designs share the podium with loose variants and bold oversize and boyfriend-style coats. From the last seasons, the cape coat, models with cuts instead of sleeves, poncho coat varieties are inherited.

Cut and length

The loosest and simplest designs, unusually cute, soft and encompassing creations of the famous brands already received a new name: the plaid coats.

One remarkable decision in cut is the bell-shaped sleeve; with these, an already bell-shaped coat looks very luxuriously, resembling a royal robe.

Concerning length of the coats, the situation is the same as with cuts: no strict limits. Both shortened designs and ones reaching the floor can be found. But the most often, we are offered fashionable coats of knee to mid-calf length.

Shortened sleeves: autumn coats for 2017

Shortened sleeves

The short sleeve is a flirtatious and cute solution for the early autumn or even (if the clothing under the coat is proper and the gloves are long) for a mild winter. Such designs could be found in past years, but the current cold season has them in especial numbers. Along with that, you could see entirely sleeveless coats on the podiums of the world.

Fur in the coat collections of 2016-2017

Décor made of fur makes a coat especially cozy, and also is a marker of status. A fashionable solution is not just a fluffy collar but also fur details in the front of the article and on the hem.

Shortened sleeves2

Belt is an eye-catching detail

Shortened sleeves3

Contrasting belts are a way to make your coat as original and memorable as possible. Contrast can be achieved not just by color, but also by material. For example, you can wear a gloss leather belt with a cashmere coat.