Fashionable bijouterie 2017: elegance and uniqueness

By | December 28, 2016

Today you can hardly imagine a woman or a girl without any accessory. Fashionable bags, elegant hats, bright scarfs and jewelry have become an important part of any look. They are not just an addition, but often a key element of an image. Let’s look on trends and news in bijouterie in 2017.

Forget about modesty! Massive bracelets, earrings, bright rings, beads, necklace-collars, barrettes and headbands are hits of this season and could be seen almost in every look.




Fashionable Rings 2017

If we talk about trends, which will be massive square rings, that can be worn in pair or even on every finger. Double and triple rings of phalanges and nail are also on top. Moreover, you can wear them over your gloves. Don’t be afraid of combinations and fantasy!

Fashionable Bracelets 2017

This seasons’ bracelets are made from various materials and in different technics. The only rule here is solidity. Elegant and unique Indian, Turkish, Egyptian and Greek-stylized things are very popular at the moment. They can be made from wood, metal, silver, leather, plastic or others. Wide metal bracelets, which should be worn over jacket, coat and shirt sleeves and leather braided bracelets (casual style) are trendy this season.




Fashionable Earrings 2017

While talking about trendy bijouterie, we cannot forget about earrings. They are always popular, changing only sizes and forms. If you like big earrings – congratulations: you will be shining this season. Pay your attention to geometry: squares, rectangles, rhombs, triangles, spirals. Lusters are also trendy. Earrings should be complemented by shawl, wrap or necklaces. Long earrings will emphasize beautiful neck and elegant neckline. Asymmetry (wearing only one earring) is also stylish this season. Such earring should be long or massive and attractive.

Fashionable Necklaces 2017

Necklaces are quite diverse in 2017 season. Necklace-collars are great hits today. They can be made from delicate metal, but in brutal and rich style, or be feminine with semi-precious and precious stones. Long threads and beads with several rows are also popular. They are perfect for both business style and evening dress. Long beads from glass, wood or stone should remind the 20-30’s style.




Hair Bijouterie 2017

Retro-style barrettes and headbands made from metal with rhinestones are trendy this season. Their width may be various: from elegant narrow to leather wide. Fruit and flower motives are very popular. Headband should be combined with blouse or dress, to emphasize band’s décor or overall look’s color. Hair brooches are the next trend. Massive, gold with rhinestones or gems are the best options. Hair bands are unique accessories this season. They are elegant and mysterious.

Fashionable brooches 2017

Brooches are advised to wear not only in the neck zone but also on the sleeves. Last trend is to wear brooches over the clothes. The most effective forms here are epee and fake medal.