Fashionable and bold orange clothes

By | July 7, 2013

Using orange colour in daily clothes is definitely bold action of an individual of strong personality. Simply because not everyone has courage to wear such bright colour, usually those people are artists or researchers who do not depend on the other people opinion and response.

orange 1

They say, that wearing orange clothes is quite daring like you put yourself against the society, but that’s not right: individual wearing orange is not going to prove anything to anyone, he is just enjoying life.

Orange clothes look great with any shades of red, because orange lessen the red’s aggression. By combining orange with yellow you will get positive harmonious tone. Also orange looks good with white colour because latter has ability to cut some aggression of orange.

cveta kontrastnye

Nowadays designers often make collections in which they mix orange with blue and ultramarine tones. Such combination makes clothes more youthful and active. Furthermore, it is easy to get proper belts, accessories, necklaces, handbags and bracelets for such clothes.

It is interesting that psychologists do not define orange colour as aggressive but say that it can indicate energy and strength. And colour therapy specialists are sure that orange colour is able to lessen depression and fatigue.

One of the three main world religions, Buddhism, orange colour is sacral and meaningful; also important to notice that this mystical and bright colour is usually chosen by highly spiritual persons who would like bring peace and harmony to the world, who are against wars.


Not to forget but orange is also known as colour of energy and luxury. It is chosen by dedicated active individuals who are able to turn the history wheel and influence others. Such people always try to become popular among others. However, there is also negative point – they are usually ambitious and do not really care about world around. According to statistics, individuals with red or chestnut hair prefer such colour.

But it is not necessary that orange colour gets central position, it can work as general background which can be noticed from far and as bright attractive accent. Exactly in this case orange indicates artistic nature which likes changes. Thus painters, sculptors, musicians, writers etc. often use orange colour.

s-chem-nosit-oranzhevye-tufli-2 s-chem-nosit-zolotye-bosonozhki-6

However, psychologists do not advice to wear orange clothes for people with low self-esteem, because high level of attention will only strengthen their shyness. But those with courage, love towards life and dedicated, those who are ready to new bright experience should pick up orange colour for daily clothes more often. Sometimes we all have such moments in life when there’s no desire to do anything. Well, orange clothe might work in such situation: just wear it and soon you will notice changes of your mood, you will feel better and will get more energy and strength.