Fashion trends of summer 2017

By | December 7, 2014

Despite the fact that summer will come soon, you have to prepare for it beforehand. So be sure to find fashion trends of the future summer season and start preparing.

trends of summer 2015

Before you start buying things and making summer wardrobe, find out the most fashion trends of the summer of 2017.

Styles and cuts

All the summer things will be very feminine, light, romantic and flying.

Here are the most fashionable styles:

A comfort fit. But things should not be too long or baggy, they look ridiculous on how full the girls and skinny.

A-line. It is suitable for almost everyone and emphasizes the feminine figure.

The trend is asymmetry, which not only makes the image of a stylish and bright, but also distracts attention from the problematic parts of the body.

summer things

The actual multi-layer model. But ladies with curvaceous from them should be abandoned.

Straight leg cut too relevant, but not always appropriate. For everyday wear fashions straight cut fit, but festive this option will not name. In addition, this cut is contraindicated for girls with a rectangular shape without a pronounced waist.

Will be fashionable and models neck, opening the shoulders.

Flowing and flying silhouettes are perfect for the summer.

Romantic style is the best choice for a young and attractive girl.

Fashionable fabrics

The most fashionable this summer will be light and almost weightless, as well as romantic and sexual tissue: air chiffon, flowing satin or silk, feminine lace and chiffon, as well as the finest Jersey or linen. The actual various mesh materials and perforated.

Fashionable fabrics

Will certainly pay attention to sputter and seemed iridescent materials, and interesting reaped and pleated fabric. Easy slim denim also will be popular.

Colors and prints

The most fashionable colors of the coming summer:

Snowy white. It is incredibly clean, feminine and fresh. But choose gentle white color, but not milk.

Gentle pastel colors: beige, peach, ivory color or powder, and pale pink.

Note the bright and Sunny orange and yellow.

Romantic and gentle sky blue color.

Will make you a bright coral beauty.

Relevant and almost all shades of blue: electric, Indigo and others.

Remains in the trend of refreshing mint.

Classic and elegant black color. But in the summer it should not be too much, so don’t overdo it.

Passionate red will make you fatal beauty or vamp.

Plain clothes will be fashionable, but if you choose the thing of the same color, then he must be bright.

colors and prints

Now the most current prints:

current prints

The camouflage. Next summer even shocking camouflage dress will not look ridiculous and wildly.

Nautical stripes.

Flirty polka dots.

Vegetative and floral patterns.

Unusual geometric prints.

Abstract paintings.

Fashion will be rough spots, and combinations of several colors.

Fashionable details

Fashionable details

Now some of the most relevant parts:

Collar and turn-down collars.

Puffy sleeves and sleeves.

Inserts of lace and guipure.

Inserts of contrasting materials.

Romantic bows.

Numerous fasteners.

V-shaped cut-outs.

Ruffles and frills.

Riveting and chains, and they must attend romantic dress or a sexy top.

Stones, pearls, beads.

The decor of feathers.

The folds.

What to buy?

What is fashionable to wear in summer 2017? There are things that need to enter summer wardrobe.


Will buy:

Floral dress with a flared hem. Perfect for a date.

The two piece suit consisting of light trousers and blouses with short sleeves or without. In that suit, by the way, you can receive in the office. Kind of easy summer business option.

Lightweight cropped pants. They can be paired with tops, shirts, t-shirts and blouses.

Dress-shirt or knit form-fitting Bateau in nautical stripes. But such models can afford only slim girls

Short dress a-line will turn you into a real flirt and emphasize your slender legs.

Light denim dress shirt. Great casual option.

Summer light suit. This can be a jumpsuit with shorts and bare shoulders or pants (both wide and narrow) and with short sleeves.

Some bright tops. One must be cautious and solid; the other is a bright and stylish. In addition, slim girls must pay attention to the tops short-bustier, exposing the stomach.

Shorts high rise. They can be combined with short tops, blouses or shirts (they need to be refilled for the belt). Such a thing to emphasize slender legs and waist.

Long evening dress model’s neck. Perfect for important events warm and Sunny in the summer.

Long, wide trousers made of light fabrics. Comfortable, cool and stylish.

Light denim with fading, holes or applications. Combine them with a t-shirt, t-shirt or halter top.

If you play sports or lead an active lifestyle, buy a light and feminine suit.

Easy short leather skirt. Let this thing will be a bright accent to your summer look.


Summer shoes for the upcoming season will be lightweight, comfortable and feminine:

Flip flops. Will be relevant as a very simple model, and decorated with stones or beads. This kind of footwear is very convenient to go to the beach and walk on the hot streets.


Braided sandals lace-up (as of heels and without them).

Sandals, cork or wicker wedge. It is both feminine and comfortable. They are combined with trousers and jeans, and with light dresses and tunics.

Lace-up heels with straps. Perfect for a romantic evening.


Sparkling light summer shoes.

Light ballet flats. Discard the skin and other similar materials, choose fabrics, lightweight fabrics. Also will be fashionable openwork woven ballet flats. These shoes combined with jeans and pants, and shorts, and dresses.

Summer light boots. They blend perfectly with the short shorts and sundresses.

Also worth to buy comfortable and light espadrilles.

Choice of accessories


You cannot overlook the trendy summer accessories:

Volume bracelets of beads or plastic.

Wide leather straps.

Thin chain at the waist.

Metal pendants on chains.

Large earrings.

Bright colorful beads.

When choosing handbags, pay attention to small clutches, bags, envelopes, small bags, boxes. Clear geometric forms and patterns of textiles will be very relevant. As for shopping, you can pick up a big handbag in the form of a bag.

Now you know all about fashion summer 2017 season and can start to update your wardrobe.