Fashion T-shirt 2012 for Men and Women

By | July 7, 2012

There are numerous styles and models of fashion t-shirt 2012 which are available for both women and men. Currently to follow the latest fashion style, t-shirt is designed stylishly with unique design, color, and print pattern. For men, common t-shirt with round neckline looks cool with graphic or motif print. The women t-shirt in tank top design decorated with graphic and floral print to beautify it.

Fashion T-shirt 2012 Model for Men

Polo t-shirt becomes a popular smart casual fashion t-shirt 2012 model for men. This t-shirt is typically designed with collar as like dress shirt. There will be two or three buttons applied as t-shirt closure under the collar. When someone wearing this t-shirt without tie its closure, this smart t-shirt will looks stylish with V-neckline look.

Fashion t-shirt 2012 model for men is also available in simple cotton t-shirt for teenage. Well, this kind of simple t-shirt is also suitable for older men. And they usually wear it as casual wear at home or certain event. You can also read about New fashion trends 2012.


Fashion T-shirt 2012

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Fashion T-shirt 2012 Model for Women

Women t-shirt is more stylish and richer of design than men. It is because women fashion style seems to be higher in level than men since women always need more clothing on their body. Fashion t-shirt 2012 model for women is available in tank top, midi, long, and short sleeved t-shirt.