Fashion Autumn-2016/Winter-2017: Fur coats and other clothes from the latest collections

By | January 13, 2014

It was still summer when all attention from fashion girls turned to the fur coats, and now of course it is the right time to think about what are you going to wear this coming winter? Surely, you need not only warm and comfortable winter coat but stylish and fashionable as well. It is important for the design and colour to match contemporary trends of Winter 2016-2017. So, what kind of fur coat should you get to become the most elegant and trendy girl?

pelt coat

As usual designer are giving you’re a variety of different choices. In case of not so cold winter or you are being brave enough you can buy short fur coat with ¾ sleeves; this model is conveniently combines with skirts, pants and dresses. For example, collection Elie Saab FW 2017 such coat/jackets were made from min and colored in naval blue and mustard yellow colours. They were coupled by evening and cocktail dresses and office attire. Actually, that kind of clothes is suitable for any winter fur coats. Also, the long gloves could be a nice add-on to such fur coat, or you may try modern belt, especially because any belts highlighting the waist line will be in winter trend this coming year. Belt meant for the coat or jacket should be wide, made from leather, preferably matching colour of coat itself.

freely cut

However, the models of free size coats even those without any buttons are going to be the most popular during coming winter. Yes, it looks a bit strange for the cold weather, but also sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Meanwhile keep in mind that the longer fur coat is the more popular it would be the best length for the Winter-2017 is till the floor. And no doubts, this coat will bring the outmost feeling of being kept warm.

winter clothes

And, fur coat-cloak is going to be very popular as well, but of course it is more suitable for the wearing on the evening dress. Yet if it is long enough you can wear it even daily. Also, new winter trend commands to have coats made from coloured natural fur, it’s worth to note that offered coloures are really bright: violet, orange, red, and surely old good classic.

long clothes

Gianfranco Ferre offers you to choose short jackets made from combination of mink and fox. Winter collection from Gucci suggests female suites from mouton combined with long hair natural fur.

blu clothes

Special fashion trend for this winter is so called fur cocktail combining not only different colours but also various textures. Moreover, for this winter season designers suggest you to experiment with length of the fur hairs and its colours. We may foresee that models with cut surfaces will be quite popular: it could be monograms, or thin stripes, or even chaotic lines and curves. By the way, it is not necessary today that fur should be natural, fake fur also will get its piece of popularity. Especially due to the lower price for the coats from fake fur.