Fashion accessories of fall and winter of 2016-2017

By | October 7, 2014

The world of fashion accessories is multi-faceted and unpredictable, just like a woman’s character. And it is important to note that fashion accessories of fall and winter of 2014-2015 were created specifically for giving every fashionista a possibility to express her inner emotions. Individuality is never unfashionable, and so are accessories. Today she can be an extravagant, provocative predator, but tomorrow she will be a strict and subdued business lady and mother. But what accessories to allow such a transformation are offered to her by famous designers? What kinds of gloves, scarves, jewelry, belts are currently number one in the competition of fashion?

fashion accessories

Fashionable gloves for fall and winter of 2016-17

Most designers appear to have a concordance: a true winter image is impossible without gloves. As a result of that, a variety of gloves made of suede, textiles, leather, in proportions both elongated and classic is available for our attention. This new cold season of 2016-2017 looks like the fashion for everything biker-themed is still raging: fingerless gloves, gloves with zippers, false buttons and so on were created. However, along with these, long, elbow-length or even opera-length gloves started to gain insane popularity, with fashion houses such as Altuzarra, Chanel, Lanvin, Rick Ovens offering to wear them. But the real treat of the fashion shows were gloves incrusted with gems or other shiny decorative elements, such as the ones offered by Rochas and Dolce & Gabbana.

Fashionable gloves



Fashionable belts for fall and winter of 2016-17

It is also important to pay attention to selecting a girdle, with which one can showcase one’s waist and successfully complete the image. A fine addition to any ensemble will be a thin, exquisite belt. During the last seasons the designers offered to wear them with dresses, but this colder season offers an opportunity to put such an accessory on over a dense, heavy overgarment, which can be seen clearly in the new collections by Bottega Veneta, Burberry Prorsum, Michael Cors et al.

Fashionable belts

But the heavier, wider belts made of slick or textured leather or fur do not give way, either. Some of the models are decorated by large buckles, some resemble corsets, the others are visually similar to crude men’s belts. Fashion brands such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, Burberry Prprsum, Fendi and Celine have given their preferences to such belts.

Fashionable scarves for autumn and winter of 2016-17

The coming season is going to bring popularity to every type of neck accessory that gives more than just protection from the elements and can become an important part of one’s image. The new season offers an astonishing choice of materials in fashionable scarves. Practical cotton, knit cloth, tender silk and even bristly fur – all this is in vogue. A skillfully chosen scarf can help one turn even the most boring dress into a magnificent, stylish ensemble. Cuts of fashionable scarves are also astounding in their variety. Hugo Boss, Michael Kors and Fendi chose fur articles for their new lines of clothing, including boas and gorgets which add to a woman’s image wonderfully, bringing in tenderness and sensuality.

Fashionable scarves

Besides fur items, knit stoles, scarves which can also be tied as headscarves, long knit scarves and even summer chiffon varieties such as those by Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Acne and Marc Jacobs will be trendy. The available color gamma of neck accessories also amazes with variety. In this season, a fashionable scarf can blend in with the rest of the ensemble, but also can contrast with it.

Fashionable jewelry for fall and winter of 2016-17

No modern fashionista can imagine her existence without jewelry. But, despite the fact that some cling to the old adage of diamonds being a girl’s best friends, most designers seem to adopt a new notion. This season isn’t the first when the brands and fashion houses of the world offer imitation jewelry of original designs to wear. New designer collections of costume jewelry aren’t just beautiful or interesting, they are enthralling, impressive and astounding! Retro and classical motifs can be encountered here, along with certain frankly shocking items in futuristic and avant-garde styles.

Fashionable jewelry


Let’s begin our review with fashionable bracelets. Massive, bulky items, often covering the arm from wrist to elbow, became the hit of the cold season in this year. Noticeable and eye-catching wrist jewelry can be found in nearly every collection, but ones by Reed Krakoff, Balmain and Fendi should be pointed out especially.


Gems of various color and shape, plastic, gold combined with fur and leather, metal platelets, bugles of all colors – all those materials were used boldly by the designers creating their masterpieces. They took into consideration the fact that, during the cold season, people wear outergarments, and allowed themselves to create bracelets wearable over outerwear. Celine, for example, offers to put on colorful plastic bracelets over knit sweaters and tunics, and Giorgio Armani, along with Chanel, are sure that large bracelets can be harmonically worn over casual and business suits made of knitted fabric.


The designers didn’t fail to pay attention to women’s fingers. Giorgio Armani, Proenza Schoul and Saint Laurent focused their choice on rings with large noticeable gems, wheread Reed Krakoff and Chloe created elongated rectangular rings. Combinations of rectangular and round rings worn on different fingers look fine, too.



Several rings on one hand aren’t a particularly new idea, but in the new year it was recalled by many fashion houses, including Proenza Schoul, Fendi and Nina Ricci. These brands offer to wear rings on three or four fingers at once, but not more than one ring per finger, usually.

Neck jewelry

The new cold season’s trend is bulky jewelry. You should look very hard to find any fine, slim piece of jewelry in any collection by your favorite fashion house. Everything about it speaks of shock value and gigantism: almost every piece of neck jewelry is made of glittering, bright materials and is very bulky in size. Necklaces, chokers, medallions, pendants, chains and even beads are all made in this style.

Neck jewelry

Among the diversity of fashionable neck jewelry, the collar necklace holds a special place. Pearls arranged in several rows are also popular. The designers used bright gems, plastic, metal and even fur to create their pieces. For example, Fendi introduced their collar necklaces adorned with fur, and Versace offered exquisite medallions and pieces of jewelry with massive chains.

Another trend is long threads of beads and pendants. Roberto Cavali, Chanel, Lanvin, Giambattista and Reed Krakoff gave this idea some development. The designers urge to expand the limits of one’s fantasy by introducing bulky lock-shaped pendants, traditional keys, large beads, square and oval metal pendants and decorative items made of plastic, wood, fur and textiles into one’s casual images.


The popular flower theme didn’t give up its position in this cold season. To spice up the mundanity of daily life with some coloe, Fendi and Dries Van Noten created exquisite brooches shaped like flowers of lily and orchid. These brightly colored brooches instantly catch the attention of everyone on their wearer, which makes them perfectly suited to bold, self-assured women. Those who prefer smaller items could make an acquaintance with the Celine collection, which offers elegant brooches shaped like flowers and metal items of golden color.



This cold season’s general tendency to bulk up jewelry can also be found in fashionable earrings. Large earrings of various geometric shapes could be suited well to the tastes of outgoing young business ladies. Such accessories can be worn together elegantly with business dresses and Perfecto-style jackes, with coats and classic pencil skirts. Extravagant, large square and triangle earrings are offered by Saint Laurent, whereas Balmain prefers more rounded forms.


A trend of wearing only one earring can also be spotted. The accessories from collections by Louis Vuitton and Celine are so self-sufficient that they do not need a matching pair to look fine.