Fashion 2017: what everybody is talking about?

By | February 3, 2015

What will be fashionable in 2017?

This is amazing how fast one fashionable tendency replaces another. Before you know it, your recently fashionable wardrobe has already become old-fashioned and you are not on trend at all. What fashion will be like in 2017? What will be on he lips of leading couture fashion designer houses? This article will give you answers to these questions.

Fashion review 2017 we begin, of course, with color scheme.

What colors are on trend in 2017?


The 2016 season has opened a new outlook on acid colors for all women of fashion. Everybody remembers that trend colors of that season were:

  • acid-pink;
  • lemon yellow;
  • cherry ripe;
  • lime;
  • mint;
  • nuclear purple.

Fashion designers have decided that it is the time to leave deep color compositions and to come back to more sober tinctures. Besides that, we should note the fact that on the popularity peak of spring-summer 2016 fashion there will be different tinctures of such colors as:

  • turquoise;
  • claret;
  • chestnut;
  • eggplant;
  • lily.


But fall-winter season is seen by many fashion houses in the following color scheme:

  1. pastel beige;
  2. blue purple;
  3. bright grey;
  4. claret;
  5. caramel;
  6. coffee and chocolate;
  7. beige;
  8. sand;
  9. steal.

Thanks to the fact that you have discovered all the color compositions of all 2017 fashion seasons, we can easily go to the style.

Fashion style of fall-winter 2017 season

Let’s begin with more cold season – what eminent designers have prepared for fashion women in the world for 2017. Today’s fashion tendencies are very much different from those of 2015.

osen zima

  • Lots of figures – the best decision of winter season. Wonderful chocolate prints – cukes, mandalas and asymmetric ornaments of robes, trousers and blouses won’t leave anybody unnoticed. If a multicolored fashion item is taken as a basis, it is better remember that it should be only one. Otherwise you risk to overcharge your dress and to become a figure of fun, but not of imitation. Add a self-colored shirt of the trousers main scheme color, pick a jacket of a secondary tincture – and voila, you are on trend.
  • Lots of layers – is everything for you in winter 2016. Lace, bulky woolen sweater, tight sandy skinnies – the principal aim of your dress – no matter if its “snowing down South”. Having picked everything up according to the “three color” rule, you will shock you colleagues in the office, friends, family and your beloved one with your fine sense of style.

The fit of all the winter clothes should be bouffant. Hoodies, pencil dresses with massive pockets, bell-bottom trousers and skirts lower the knee-cap – all the clothes of this style will create a homish atmosphere of hearthside. Tissues for winter 2016 season will be: artificial and natural fur, chamois, velvet, corduroy, wool, cotton.

The fall season hasn’t also been neglected and many fashion and style founders in 2016 simply couldn’t come by the golden season.

osen zima 2016

  • Multilevel fit is the main idea of the fall season. Skirts with several flimsy material tiers and woolen tights have found an unexpected tandem in fall 2016 fashion.
  • Right and bell-bottom trousers with arrows and edge-raised, raincoats lower the knee, clipped neck-holes with rough edge – all that will evidence the true style sense of a fashion 2016.
  • Silk and flax blouses with crew neck collar and jabot, boat and angle neckline – in such dress you will take fancy even of the strictest boss on the first job interview.
  • Lacy waistcoats on chamois materials, applications with stones and beads will become marvelous companions for evening or social event.
  • Broad rubber belts will perfectly accentuate wasp waist perfections and you will definitely pass face control into a fashion house.

Fall-winter shoes and accessories


As for accessories, here everything depends on taste preferences. If you like chamois or patent lather, you get the choice. The only thing that you should remember:

  • leather handbag will perfectly fit to boots and gloves;
  • as for leather accessories – high stockings and gloves are on trend;
  • chamois fits only to chamois;
  • patent lather perfectly combines with mat one.

As for form and size, next dimensions will be on trend in 2016:

  1. military square;
  2. post bag;
  3. trapeze;
  4. square;
  5. basket;
  6. four-square.

As for shoes, here everything is far more interesting. Wedge of the previous season pales into insignificance, and middle-sized heel with metal inserts – both on the inside and on the outside – takes the victory stand. Golden of silver insert – this is all your choice. Metallic noses, wineglass and triangle shaped heels, bottom tread of extraordinary shape – in fashionable fall-winter 2016 season everything extraordinary will be on trend.


Now let’s digress winter cold and fall bad weather, besides dull and rainy days, winter nights with chat-ins by the fireplace, there is also a hot spring-summer 2016 season.

Spring-summer 2017 fashion style

Let’s start with spring wardrobe, that in 2016 will be added with:

  • thin lace and chiffon;
  • satin;
  • thin lightweight velvet;
  • chamois and its artificial prototypes;
  • stretch and linen.

Gentle slipovers above floor-length satin dress will put an exquisite and sophisticated face on a lady. And small velvet clutch with ornamental stones infuse a note of luxury and royal chic to the image. And as they say, women of royal lineage can afford everything. Shapeless thin woolen poncho with low neckline and broad leather belts will suit a taste even of the most capricious fashion woman. Boorish coarse jackets of elongate style will perfectly fit to a short evening dress.

vesna leto

Summer is preparing for us more flimsy and womanly images. On trend of summer 2016 season will be:

  1. silk dresses;
  2. lacy blouses;
  3. overknee chiffon skirts;
  4. cotton bell-bottomed trousers;
  5. silk shirts;
  6. lace.

Cut-out on the back will be the smash-hit of spring-summer 2016 season. Amazing forms and geometric disbalance of cut-out disposition will excite men imagination both in everyday fashion of the fair sex and in dinner clothes. And the more sophisticated the chosen style is, the more exquisite a beautiful dress owner will look.

As great words say: “A woman is beautified by modesty and a sheer dress!”. These very words have become a motto of many famous couture houses. Fashion 2016 for summer has prepared only flimsy dresses:

  1. linen;
  2. satin;
  3. silk;
  4. chiffon.

However, the most popular in summer 2016 season will become marvelous designer crocheted vanities. A fanciful braided story line will make you stare after each lacy tube top owner.

Spring-summer shoes and accessories

As for shoes, in summer 2017 cast wedges of any dimension, thin stiletto heels without wedge, lacy “Sparta” flats collars, opened noses of going-out shoes will be at the peak of popularity. Apart from that, sandals made from a number of tringles will become much more popular.


As for accessories, here the story is much simpler. Along with high popularity of clutches and evening small bags, there will be a rise of demand for soft textile transformer bags, leather backpacks, mainly of the following colors:

  • tender mint;
  • coffee;
  • chocolate tinctures;
  • sea breeze.

Tendencies among celebrities

For example, Rihanna should be looked upon from different aspects. This time famous singer, whose input into fashion stays arguable, has demonstrated what the fashion will be reaching after this season. This is the multilayering and creation of such image that should really be looked upon from different aspects.

This young lady also showed the image that looks differently on a black-and-white picture and in colored aspect. And the image looks attractive when it starts moving, but when it stops – it also looks very juicy. Sarah Jessica Parker has abided by traditions: black and white, classics from the best couturier of America Oscar – in honor of the first USA couturier. Symbolically, subtly and ironically. This is exactly the fashion of 2016, that is already being formed right now. Even now specialists predict that this topic will yet be discussed afterwards.

celebrity 2016

Victoria Beckham has decided approve herself once again as a designer. She has come also all in white, in fact, there were enough of white dresses. Multilayering, plain angles, a little bit of diagonal lines, something from Roman theme, something from pleats of first ladies of America way back in the age of its foundation… And the tendency to individuality is already there. However, it’s quite hard to imagine Victoria without it. The tendency to individuality in this season has come even further, for example, famous brand Jimmy choo proposes individual inscriptions on shoes. You can leave unique traces on the ground or sand in a literal sense.

If continue the honoring of old-time merits subject, we can say that Vogue has decided not to pass over in this respect everything that Evangelista has done for fashion. Famous magazine has created the whole series of her best podium images. And it insinuates at something bigger to this direction. Dita von Teese will hardly surprise with her tendency to perfect and evolve, because this lady keeps look irreproachably in any situation. Besides the mentioned above event, this year she is planning to work charities more actively. And to visit more events related to it.

Dita also couldn’t forget her own collection of evening dresses. For now the information about it keeps in a secret, so we have to content only with rumors. However, the girls herself has got something stouter. May be this is related to her future collection? It is quite problematic to say something about it, at least right now. The only important moment: Dita wants it to be a real surprise. So that, there is no point to wait for something familiar, that we used to see from Dita.

P.S. Fashion 2017

And in Europe they organize fashion trains, ride and give interviews. The East influence is strong more than ever, lots of silk, kimono, proper make-up. Although, in France, for example, it is diluted with Russian influence.

Fashion 2016

Following unsophisticated hints from this article you will surely succeed in 2016 fashion. And in conclusion we would like to give you a simple recommendation: “In fashion boutiques look for clothes, not for yourself!”

Today’s fashion is a tribute to past rewards, achievements and success. This is a lot of recognition, for example, a wonderful gala-ball was given in honor of the first couturier of America. And the whole exhibition of amazing dresses and images, each of which is incredibly self-sustainable, is also planning in his honor.