Ear Cuffs

By | March 3, 2017

You probably have lots of ear rings, which complement your looks. But have you ever heard about ear cuffs? If you still don’t have these beautiful things, it is time to do it. We will give you some advises about cuffs and how to wear them.


What Are Ear Cuffs?

Cuffs is a sort of bijouterie, which is designed for ears. Nevertheless, they can decorate not ears only, but zour hair as well. It depends on which type of cuffs you have selected.
There are different types of cuffs:
– With clamp (could be fixed in upper or lower part of the auricle);
– With big clamp (much bigger size and usually decorated with wings or feathers; could be fixed on the back side of the ear);
– With shackle (could be fixed on the back side of the ear);
– With puncture (could be fixed in the place of puncture and in upper part of the auricle);
– With chain (could be fixed on the hair).




Cuffs are very harmonic and exotic in every lady’s look and always attractive. Let’s look at their main features:
– They do not require puncture (except cuffs with puncture) and very easy to fix. Even child could do that. Otherwise, earrings require lots of punctures.
– Cuffs are reliably fixed on the ear.
– They decorate ears and sometimes the whole hairstyle.
– Cuffs let you use massive earrings by distributing the load over the whole ears surface.


Historians cannot specify the moment, when ear cuffs were introduced. Some scientist say that cuffs have been used since antiquity, and others is unable to refute this statement. However, cuffs were used by women in Ancient India, and that’s a fact. They are still widespread in modern India.


You can find cuffs with golden feathering on women statues in Thai temples. These cuffs have used in Thai theatre as accessories of kinnara’s costume – creatures from Indian mythology.
In 40’s of XX century cuffs with stars and wings were popular. In 50’s they were decorated with gems to restore elements of plants. In 70’s men paid their attention to cuffs and started to use them in style. In 80’s cuffs in the form of ring, which was suspended to the middle part of the ear, were on top. Cuffs were the part of subculture styles such as punks. And now cuffs in the forms of various signs, letters, symbols, plant and animals are integrated parts of different subcultures.

Which Cuffs Are In Trend Today?

Designers’ lookbooks represents many styles of ear cuffs:
– Cuffs with chains. They can be called “conventional”. Each generation has plenty of fans of this type of cuffs. For example, such cuffs is one of the main features of Fergie. They can have short as well as long chain, which is touches your shoulders.
– Cuffs with feathers. Give exotic and even shocking look. Perfectly complement beach and romantic looks.
– Animalistic cuffs. Such creatures as dragons, snakes, lizards, frogs and bats are very popular among the young people.
– Jewelry cuffs. These cuffs are made of precious metals and designed according to standards of haute couture. They are perfect accessory to elegant evening looks.