Dress with deep cut-out on back. How to wear it?

By | February 22, 2015

Dresses with open back and decollete have always been women secret weapon for strong men seduction. Dresses with open back attract by its elegance, gracefulness, sexuality and edginess. Of course, when picking a revealing dress it is better to consider the figure peculiarities and to know how to present it. The model variety allows to pick suitable dress and to hide small defects and figure imperfections.

dress length


Picking the dress length

Picking the dres

Dresses with deep cut-out on the back of long silhouette are notable for its preciosity and elegance. However, it is essential to remember that such style will beautify a figure only of a slim tall woman. The essential attribute of such dress is shoes on high heels, so if you have no beautiful walking with high heels skills, it is better to refuse the idea of a pompous dress. Dresses with cut-out that entirely opens the back a bit lower the waist are now on the peak of fashion. Models with shallow cut-out a bit lower the blade-bones are also modern. Dresses of such model are good only for state occasions and for evening walking-outs for social events. For beautiful ladies of a low stature it is better to pick short dresses. Models with open back look good if the texture clings the waist and the skirt is not straight, but bouffant one. Fashion designers offer very different shapes of cut-outs for short dresses. To waist or to blade-bones, triangular, oval or drop-shaped cut-out, it’s only woman’s choice. Cut-outs decorated with lacing or interlacing strips look pretty on short dresses.

Picking the dress

Cut-out decoration

Cut-out decoration




It is important to pay careful attention to the cut-out decoration. Flowing lines can be more emphasized by fancywork, sparkles, beads, pleats, draperies, bows and other decorative fixtures. Dresses with open back look incredibly beautiful, if the cut-out in blade-bone area is completed with a cut-out at the waist level. Figured cut-outs allow to improve figure proportions and to fill it with harmony. And the accent on flowing lines of a woman back won’t leave indifferent. Wedding dresses are quite often ornamented with unusual cut-outs with decorations. Deep cut-out to buttocks on an evening dress will make a truly faery effect. As a rule, such dresses are sewn with thin silk textiles that cling to the figure and imitate all exquisite lines. Cut-out of such dresses are decorated with expensive crystals or even with precious jewels in order to add special luxury and chic.

Casual variant

Casual variant


Casual variant2


Casual variant3

Today’s fashion allows to wear dresses with deep cut-out on the back not only on gala occasions, but also in everyday life. A lot of young models of flimsy, semitransparent textiles can be seen on counters. Such dresses fit well for promenades on the beach and for dances on summer party. The main criteria is only the figure gracefulness. Small imperfections can be easily improved with shaped form cut-outs, but unfortunately, such dress can’t remove obvious fattiness. Women in summer pinafores with open back, the decoration of which can be pigtail- or just tangle-shaped shoulder-straps, look charming. Decorated cut-out will also add gentleness and romanticism to severe sheath dress. Models with drapery and wraps are worth noticing. If the unreserve of the dress is confusing, you can use these small hints. Men will turn heads admiring the femininity and elegance, only because of that it’s worth paying to pay attention to dresses with deep cut-out on the back.