Creative inter-season: jewelry novelties from the East to the West

By | February 22, 2015

There is still a lot of time till the New Year after the eastern calendar, so eastern jewelers don’t hurry to relax, concentrating on the release of a new collection. And western jewelers in the vacation time draw conclusions preparing for three biggest international exhibitions at once – in Hong Kong, Venice and Basel. Inter-season allows to see and evaluate the success of either of them.

jewelry novelties

Indian brand Tanishq and the local “star” of the indian community Farah Khan have released the collaborative collection in which they have proved once again their commitment to high colonial style. In the collection of two brands at first sight everything is quite traditional, but for some reason time proved designer’s approaches look unexpectedly mellowly and fresh. And the issue is not only about big colored stones (false topazes, amethysts) or in incredible for indian jewelers lightness and compactness of jewelry. Seems that Farah Khan has found and realized for Tanishq the golden mean, something medial between european (in its british conception) and indian classics. At the output – brilliant eclecticism that everybody will love: both europeans and hindus.

indian community

Their compatriots from Bombay jewelry house “House of Rose” also step by step get out of the comfortable home market of India to international scopes. Having refined traditional indian design with a little of european aesthetics, the House has released some truly luxurious things. There are unique ones among them: for example, necklace La Reina with emeralds of unprecedented size of collective weight about 800 carats, or nameless necklace with a huge carved ruby. Sometimes the sense of beauty fails indians. In due course House of Rose was spotted in international press thanks to its necklace with columbian emerald of 290 carats. A huge precious drop on the double chain of diamonds looked massively and attracted only sympathy to cachectic “treasure” owner.


A similar neckless released in 2014 by swiss house Chopard looks like an amazing coincidence. At one of the beneficent balls that took place recently in Beverly Hills, the jewelry House has shown a jewelry with massive red turmaline of more than 123 carats. The design of both these works is similar to the bone. However, if an emerald of almost 300 carats has caused a mixed feeling of perplexity and admiration, a red turmaline neckless of Chopard on Rihanna’s dark skin, who came in this image to a Diamond Ball beneficent night, looked perfectly appropriate. Apart from that, Chopard with great use for themselves used plenteously tatooed hands of a barbadian diva: for Annual Diamond Ball Rihanna wore five rings of swiss House at once.

similar neckless

Kindred to Chopard swiss house “de Grisogono” has released the collection of watches Grappoli for holidays. In corresponding to the house kitsch manner, de Grisogono decorated its works with multilayer setting: small face encrusted with little stones (sapphires of different tinctures, amethysts, brilliants, emeralds) is surrounded by a broad protruding border where the same stones, but of a bigger size, are used. And finally, the border itself is edged by a fringe of fashionable today “briolette” gem-cutting drop-shaped stones. Intentionally picked for belts and painted with incrustation colors leather is added by its invoice a spattering with luxury face.


The italian house Bvlgari has decorated its last year Diva collection with watch collection. This collection, devoted to movie stars of the past, has got a precious ticking continuation. In watches Diva the house designers used the same color scheme as in the main collection – rubies of raspberry-red tincture, colorless diamonds, emeralds and turquoise. The main designer element of the face and the metallic belt has become a flat bell – plastic, elegant form that Bvlgari masters have shown earlier when creating Diva earrings and neckless. In the end, the watch “makeweight” has appeared quite appropriate continuation of vintage festival, organized by an elderly so far jewelry company in honor of those who was shining in Bvlgari jewelries in different years on- and off-screens.

elegant, laconic

The Cartier House has really rested these days, having released an elegant, laconic “crowd” – “Mascot” suite. A perfect disk with missing sector is encrusted with diamonds, mother-of-pearl of pastel tinctures or onychite This is the only collection element. It hangs on a gold neckless or is just attached to it. You buy it, wear it and – voila! – “Save me, my mascot”.