Collar Necklace 2012

By | May 23, 2012


If you a fashioner you should know about the most adorable hot item, the collar necklace. This brand new kind of accessories has the close-fitting style. The adorable statement pieces sits beautifully at your collarbone and surprisingly can bring life to any outfit, even for the very simple clothes!

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The best match for collar necklace is a bright blouse, that also another hot trend, strapless dress or even a plunging neckline. If you interested to look glam this year, this necklace will instantly flatters an elegant yet sexy neck. The jewelery trend will stay for long time maybe until two years ahead, so make sure you have this most anticipating fashion accessories in your must-have-item list.

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Collar necklace give a magic touch for a basic tee, because its embellishing neck awesomely. It is easy to wear like singing a, b, c. Try buttoned up blouse, since it is a statement necklace, make a focal point on the outfit. Forget wearing too much accessories, for example earrings. You may add one or two ring if you want to, otherwise it will overstated!

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Collar necklace come in a variety lengths, from 14inch that wrap high around the neck to dramatic effect to 45 inch long or even longer ropes. Knowing the type of your neck and what clothing you’re wearing is the big key. The main display is your neck, and the happy news, neck party is the headline! This is the end of “arm party” so you can even throw on multiple collar necklace!

Collar Necklace 2012