Choosing Shoes for Jeans

By | October 24, 2015

Jeans is the most popular element of clothes. It exists I any wardrobe. Nowadays it serves not only as casual clothes, but also as clothes for going out. Putting on different jackets, blouses with jeans, we can easily change our look and style. But what should we do with shoes and how to choose it right?

shoew for jeans

shoew for jeans

There are several rules for choosing shoes for jeans. Because we should take into account so many factors, like style, color, decoration and, of course, the kind of event you are going to attend.


  1. Casual jeans. It looks well with sport shoes: sneakers, gumshoes or moccasins. A combination of jeans with platform shoes looks well, too.
  2. Tight jeans. Such style is a good variant for walking with friends or for trips. It combines with flats, moccasins and court shoes best of all.
  3. Colored or ripped jeans. Due to the fact that such item of clothing is enough bright, so shoes should be moderate and concise. Here the look is created due to the contrast.
  4. Dark jeans. Here everything is directly opposite. In order that jeans was not “gotten lost” you should complement your look with bright shoes
  5. Decorated jeans. Such jeans also should be worn with moderate shoes so that not to look foolish.

Choosing shoes according to your type of figure

There are six main types of woman figure: “Hourglass”, “Pear”, “Rectangle”, “Apple”, “Inverted Triangle” and “Slender column.” In order to look spectacular with any type of figure, you should know how to choose correctly not only your clothes, but also shoes.

It’s also important to pay attention to your body proportions. If you have a good figure, there are no restrictions for you in choosing type and style of shoes. But in case that you have curvy shape, you should give preference to flat shoes, because it will make your silhouette slimmer visually.

shoew for jeans-2

Amy kind of shoes will suit girls with graceful figure. They can wear anything, beginning with flats and moccasins and finishing with heeled shoes. It’d be better if the heel won’t be too high; because it’s more comfortable and beautiful figure owners always have beautiful legs, which don’t require a special advertisement.

Those not tall girls should wear heeled shoes. Court shoes, shoes and ankle boots with heel or a platform combine with jeans best. So a girl looks taller visually what makes her more confident and attracts passers’ views.

  • You should remember that there’s nothing difficult in choosing clothes. Just remind some simple rules.
  • Find your individual style which will be unique and will accent the attention on your advantages, hiding your weaknesses meanwhile.
  • Choose clothes according to your type of figure.
  • Don’t forget to follow fashion trends, word fashion designers will not only suggest but will also show you what is better to match.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting and you will succeed!