Chance The Rapper Sings & Cries Blue Tears After Trump — ‘Come Back Obama’

By | November 19, 2017

OMG! ‘Saturday Night Live’ did it again! The beloved sketch comedy just delivered the best pseudo music video of all time paying homage to Barack Obama. Check it out!

If you haven’t been paying attention during the 2017 season of Saturday Night Live, now would be a good time to start watching! The legendary sketch comedy has been serving up some of the most razor-sharp critiques of politics and current events around, although that might also be due to the tumultuous events that continue to surface this year including several hurricanes, the post-Harvey Weinstein allegations and the Trump presidency. Somehow they continue to top themselves with undeniably insightful-yet-hilarious gags including their new sketch which is more of a mock music video in the style of Boyz II Men during their hey day!

Chance the Rapper and Kenan Thompson amazingly deliver a track titled “Come Back.” Decked out in wonderfully gaudy ’90s garb, they sadly sing about missing someone terribly. You soon realize that it’s our 44th president Barack Obama! Some choice lyrics include: “Every night, I turn the TV on and cry. I say ‘Why?’ I feel like we’re all gonna die! So come back Barack! Even though it’s not allowed! I want you back somehow! I need you in my life!” Absolutely amazing! Head here for loads more images from Season 43 of the hit show!

Another recent breakout moment included comedian Tiffany Haddish when she hosted the Nov. 11 episode of the show. During her opening monologue, she served up some insanely amazing advice for all the sexual predators who are getting outed in recent months. “Look fellas, I got a tip for ya’ll,” she said. “Let’s call it Tiffany’s tip. It’s a tip tip. Listen fellas, if you got your thing thing out and she got all her clothes on, you’re wrong!” So simple yet so accurate!
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