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Styles and femininity in wardrobe

The article is about how to look feminine and how to determine the portion of femininity you need. Femininity is not given at the birth. It is an aggregate of feminine behavior, feminine senses and emotions and of course, feminine style in clothes. If in the remote past clothes for men and women differed radically,… Read More »

Country Style

The fire of the sunset… the prairie… soft breeze calms the hitted body… wild horses, scorched grass, golden sands, cacti, smoked saloons, young cowboys, silver handmade heelpieces, sheriffs… A lonely romantic Johnny wearing rubbed jeans and a checked shirt glances at a suntanned beauty…. The western we love, with all the risk, naivety and freedom… Read More »

Gloves — the second skin…

This wardrobe item, unfortunately, has lost its main purpose, delicacy and aristocraticism, that it was notable for in previous centuries… It has become a practical and ordinary item: now people wear gloves mostly for cold protection. But it doesn’t only warm up hands – carefully imitating human skin, this accessory serves as a kind of… Read More »

What to wear with spotty clothes

Spotty textiles are almost all the time on trend – only fits change! It is considered that spots suit all the representatives of fair sex regardless the age and constitution. The only thing that should be considered is a pattern color scheme and, of course, its combination with various clothing models. We will try to… Read More »

Fissionable tendencies in spring of 2017

Every spring a girl dreams to look beautiful and fashionable. From the start of the season, this question is raised more burning especially when the weather is always changing and does not allow spring to come into its own and realize this aim by all available means. For this, all that we need is to… Read More »

Trendy pants fall – winter 2016 – 2017

Basic autumn wardrobe of every woman cannot be imagined without one more elegant pants. Elegant type of dress may protect not only from cold weather, but also helps to create a lot of original looks. Well known all over the world brands offered fresh ideas of new trendy pants for this season fall – winter 2016… Read More »

Military-style women’s clothing: the modern classics

The military style of fashionable clothing, which today can be seen in women’s magazines, dates back to the beginning of the twelfth century, however, it’s still going strong and doesn’t give up its popularity to any of the newer trends. The First World War started the trend to wear military-styled clothing, and 1940s saw civilian… Read More »

Made in the USA: what is the American style?

American culture has flooded the world in the twentieth century, and this has affected all spheres of life, from politics and Economics to life and clothes. Distinctive features of American style always were been easy and comfort, so it quickly got scores of youth, and now these American Girls can be found far beyond the… Read More »