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Choosing Shoes for Jeans

Jeans is the most popular element of clothes. It exists I any wardrobe. Nowadays it serves not only as casual clothes, but also as clothes for going out. Putting on different jackets, blouses with jeans, we can easily change our look and style. But what should we do with shoes and how to choose it… Read More »

Fashion shoes of spring-summer 2017

There comes that time of year when we will be able to show our lovely legs. And we will help you in this matter. In this season spring / summer 2017 diversity shoe innovations will surprise every fusionist in the world. For each girl there is a Shoe to taste: classic shoes, practical sandals, as… Read More »

Fall 2013 fashion shoes

Fall 2013 fashionable Shoes it’s black and white monochrome without which hold no fashion show, strict classical office style, thick heels, which replaced the high thin stilettos. Grooved sole, zippers and rivets are topical. You may choose shoes on thick stable or comfortable wedge heel . Black & White Monochrome At the first glance  Fall … Read More »

Low heels are not for low start!

I bet that you are very much tired from high heels… So, this is wonderful news for you, my friend: this summer the trendiest footwear is the one which brings outmost comfort! Let’s go back to the low heels again. Slippers history Yes, slippers, and do not be skeptical about them. This footwear is on… Read More »

What do you need to know about kitten heels?

Now you can breathe out with a joy – this Spring/Summer season trend is comfortable low heels. So, now ladies we are able to wear elegant shoes without sprain risk. Hurray! A bit of history So called kitten heels is nice comfortable shoes with low heels 2.5-5 cm, it was very popular somewhere in 50-s/60-s… Read More »

Known Boots for Your Shoes Collection

Known boots could define that the boots are branded and that means they come from a famous brands. Or, it could also about the popular boots. These days, wearing boots is not just only to keep you warm during a cold weather like winter. The changing of fashion has allowed you to wear boots in… Read More »

Flyknit Racer

Maybe moon boots arenthe future after all —not when one of the worldbiggest shoe companies, with revenues of more than $20 billion last year, is betting on its future with a less-is-more strategy. At the end of this month, Nike will release a shoe that designers at the company are calling a paradigm shift in… Read More »