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Giorgio Armani – Living Legend

During Milan fashion week this past February, I stayed at the Giorgio Armani Hotel. Away from the clattering trams and buzzing Ves pas on the Via Manzoni a few floors below, all was quiet. More than quiet, in fact. The silence was so velvety, so enveloping, that it had an eerily physical presence. I felt… Read More »

Lines of Beauty

Aerin Lauder does not need to work, either for money or prestige. As the treasured eldest granddaughter of the beauty magnate Estee Lauder, she has been a member of Manhattanelite from birth, with Kelly Klein, Gwyneth Paltrow and Michael Kors on her dinner party invite list (being hosted by Aerin at her Park Avenue home,… Read More »

Girl on Film

With her chameleon-like talents and piercing beauty, there are no limits for extraordinary model export Abbey Lee, as Genevra Leek discovers. Going on first impressions, it could be easy to chalk Abbey Lee up as a fragile being, with her angelic features and wide baby-doll eyes, until one clocks the subversive piercings (13 at last… Read More »